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03 Extensive Reading Questions for Chapter 3 Family Affairs

03 Extensive Reading Questions for Chapter 3 Family Affairs
In Between
Consider the possibility of living away from either parent for a long period of time. (Some students may be in such a position already so if it is so for you, think of one word or a phrase describe how you feel about it)
The possibility of living away from either of my parents I would make me feel lonely, I rely on both of my parents for advice and help when I need it.
During Reading
On pg 65-66 Tally reveals the impact her parents’ divorce had on her. Name at least three effects on her.
She rarely feels comfortable completely revealing her soul, has little belief in the sanctity of marriage and lives in constant struggle for her mental health.
What was Tally’s reaction to the news that she would not be going back to Seattle and explain why she reacted the way she did.
She was wailing and crying. She had just moved to seattle a year ago and was still settling in, and when she was told she was not going back, she must have felt upset as she would have to make new friends and go to a new school.
On page 69, Tally said she her stuffed snow tiger named Stripes served as a confidante. In your own words, explain what a confidante is.
A confidante is something or someone that comforts and listens.
When the police and man she had never seen before came to get her, she grabbed Stripes along with her. What does this action tell you about how Tally was feeling.
She was feeling scared.
The divorce of Tally’s parents have made it difficult for her and every problem she had, she attributed it to them. Is this a natural reaction for someone in her situation? Why so?

Tally’s parents claim they only want what is best for her? Do you think their actions reflect that? Why or why not?
No. Her parents kept moving and she kept switching who she would stay with.
The Way Things Used To Be
Consider the following statements. Put a tick in the bracket if you agree with the statement.
( ) Finding a new father or new mother for one’s children if your spouse dies is an important thing to do
(√) Marriage vows to stay together ‘til death do us part’ should always be kept.
(√) It’s bad enough if my parents were to separate or divorce. I would be totally distraught if either parent finds a new partner.
Was the relationship between Neda and her mother a happy one before the latter remarried? Give evidence to support your answer.
It was a happy relationship. They would have late-night talks and laugh together.
Did Neda think there was a need for her mother to remarry? Support your answer with quotes from the poem.
She did not think there was a need for her mother to remarry. “I don’t want Dad to be replaced”
Does marrying again mean that Neda’s mom lied that her father could ‘never be replaced’? What do you think?
No. Her father would never be replaced, he would always be her father even of her mother remarries.

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