Wednesday, January 12, 2011

About Wrc Ynapmoc

Hi there!

I am Wan Ray Chow. I am currently 410701247 seconds old as of 2140hrs, Sunday, 7th November 2010 Anno Domini.

I am currently living in Pasir Ris, Singapore, Singapore, Earth,  The Solar System, Local Spur, Sagittarius Spiral Arm, The Milky Way Galaxy, Our Local Group, Virgo Supercluster.

My hobbies are editing Wikipedia, Astronomy, Stargazing, I'm an avid railfan and other stuff. Ok? Bye!

BTW, I've made my picture big enough for you guys to me but too small for you guys to download and save it into your desktop to stalk me. XD


  1. Where is your picture? This exercise is for me to be able to identify who you are as well. I need to put a name to a face. Please put it up. Thanks.

  2. Have you had a chance to see the aurora lights? I'm hoping to see it one day.

  3. Thank you for your picture.
    You made it small enough so that your friends won't be able to do funny things to it but it also is so small that I need more than my reading glasses to look at it :))