Thursday, January 27, 2011

Blog question Daniel tan 20

There are times when family affairs disappoint you. On page 79 ‘Outside the Box’, there are five suggestions on how to handle disappointment. What do you think of each suggestion? If you do not have issues that are family related (include the wider family, adoptive family, guardian), consider other disappointments in your life with other people who are supposedly close to you.

1.I feel that this can be very useful as it makes you able to relax and not think about problems and can help you feel better when doing it. However there can be down sides to this like for example, you have to hand in a lot of homework the next day and you feel very stress, you should not do something else as it would make you feel even more stressed up later.
2.I feel that this is also a very useful tip as it can make you feel much more happy or no more disappointed while doing stuff or when facing a problem. For example, when you are doing your homework, you should think about how homework actually helps you to achieve your goals and careers in life and not how boring it actually is.
3.I feel that this is not a really good tip as different people suffer from different problems and sometimes this disappointment feeling can last longer than other people disappointment feeling depending on the person and the problem they are facing though its true that it may not last forever.
4.I feel that this suggestion is a really helpful and I myself actually vent out my emotions on a journal. The journal to my is like my confidante. It feels much better after venting out emotions such as anger on a journal as it feels like there is someone there listening to you.
5.I feel that this is a good suggestion but also has its bad points. Though some people would feel better when they know that they have something to be thankful for, there are others that cannot think of anything that they should be thankful and would feel worse than before.

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  1. I'll be giving you feedback on language, structure and ideas via a word/pages document in class next week.