Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Extensive Reading: The Real Deal Challenges Ch 1- Emotional Basket Case

Q: What are your thoughts and feelings about depression, loneliness, heartbreaks, being different from your peers, and having to put up a front? How do/would you deal with some of these issues?


  1. We can learn how to manage such emotions before they get serious. We also need a friend that we can confide in and share a sense of belonging. Humiliation passes, after awhile people will get bored of it and stop. Sometimes putting up a front is enough if you do not want to stand out from the crowd, but being influenced to behave like old friends gone bad is unnecessary.

    Siah Wei

  2. We can confide our feelings to them and trust them to keep it ti themselves.They may also share with us their past experience and how did they went though it.We can learn many things from each other if we trust and share with each other.

    Matthias Lee

  3. We can learn from our past experiences. We can talk to a friend about these things if it is troubling us. These factors always come in a certain age of a human which is when they are a teenager. Mainly talking to family members, friends or teachers can make us feel lighter of whats bothering us and we earn trust and confidence later.

  4. When we really do feel depressed or have any of the feelings mentioned above, I think we should try to look things in another way, especially in the more positive side. For example, if we get depressed, we can think of the wonderful memories we have in life. When we feel different from our peers, we can either see what we we have the same as our peers or find some similarities which you have with other peers.

    Overall, I still think we should not compare ourselves with our peers because everyone of us have different strong and weak points, though some may have the same. I mean, it is fine and okay to be with friends sometimes but we should always try not to advance and progress in our strong points while our peers progress in theirs.

    We should always be happy and think about the positive points in our life.

  5. I feel that sometimes, people should keep their feelings to themselves and try to solve their problems on their own. But if the problem at hand gets nasty, I'd say that they should seek help from a close friend or someone they trust a lot. Being different is okay if you believe you are in the right, If anyone was different from the norm, I'd usually call them unique. The best thing to do under all these situations is to actually believe in ourselves and know that we were born the way we are. If everyone loved themselves for how they are, I believe the world would indeed be a better place.

    Abu Ubaidah.

  6. I feel that hiding your feelings, loneliness, depression, etc is like bottling up your emotions which is bad for you, as people can reach their breaking point quickly that way, and be driven to suicide. I think the best way to prevent such issues is by consulting a teacher, parent, or a relative, before it gets too serious.

    Chan Jia Ler

  7. The person feeling depress should find some way to have fun, with family members or friends. Play games and have some quality time bonding together. Have a pet and play with them and take good care of it, and it can be your companion.

    For being lonely, they should hang out with friends more often, be less shy and mix around with friends, have fun activities, eat and talk together. If you are not invited to anything, host the event instead and ask friends to come. Or if you know that there is a party or something, request to be invited, ask if you can come. So that you will feel less lonely.

    For having heartbreaks, try and forget the bad times and think of some happy times. You must also prepare yourself for the real world, things will not always be good and in favor for you. You must be flexible and be able to adapt to all kinds of situations.

    For being different from others, just let it be. You have no choice. True friends will accept you however you look. They may laugh and tease you, but do not pay attention for that. Some of these friends really care for you. Think on the bright side. You are special, unique from your friends. You have things that others don’t. You are better then them.

    For having to put up a front, don’t hide your feelings. Find a true friend of family member to talk to them all your problems. Tell them what you are experiencing and share with them your load. They will give you good advice and try to help you and ease your load. Don’t be afraid they will let out a secret, for they will be known as no good friends and cannot be trusted. It does not really matter, as others might also have ways to help you solve your problems.

    Brendon Goh

  8. Nobody should try to hide their feelings as containing the stress will result in a sudden breakdown when the consequences bad. Instead they should do something about it.

    For depression, people should do something enjoyable like going to a movie with a friend or going for a peaceful walk in the park.

    If the person is feeling lonely, he/she should either talk to a friend and plan to do something fun together or join clubs and societies where they can mingle with others and make new friends.

    If there is a heartbreak it is best to write down the experience in a diary so that the tension is relieved or talking to a close friend or adult. Distracting yourself by watching a movie, going for long walks or reading a good book.

    If you feel different from your peers, you should remember that everybody is different and that every difference will only make you more special.

    I always keep a few friends who are very close to me. They are the ones who support me through thick and thin. When I feel lonely I hang out with them or confide any problems I have, to them. I also read good books or play some computer games when I am feeling depressed to distract myself. I also keep in mind that I am special.

  9. I feel that if you are depressed, different from others, suffering from heartbreaks or lonely, you should tell someone you trust alot. Someone who you know will not betray your trust. I feel this way because it is not good to keep your feelings all to yourself. Sometimes telling people about your problems could help you by letting the other person give advice or solutions. Of course you can handle these situations yourself by being positive and believe in yourself, though there will definitely come a time where you need someone to talk to and to encourage you.

  10. I feel that when you are depressed, you should talk to someone you trust, a teacher, or a relative perhaps. Make sure its someone you can trust. You should not keep your feelings bottled up inside of you as they just build up and you just get more and more depressed. Going out with a friend or a group of friends could help you get your mind of whatever was making you depressed and the time with your friends would also make you feel a little happier. But always think positive and do not let your depression get to you just distract yourself and talk to someone.


  11. I really think the author of the book has a perfect life and no personal experience of major depression or having his life suck real bad. He is merely gathering stories and speaking about these topics in his own opinion towards life, as his life is perfect and he talks about how we can solve these problems so foolishly and naive. He talks as if life and suffering was so simple and straight forward.


  12. Nothing lasts forever, eventually you will find out that you can trust no one but yourself. Learn to live and suck up your life alone, and you will find a greater light within.

  13. I feel that being depressed or stuff is very hard to continue on. Being a two faced is hard to maintain as sooner or later, your true "face" will break out. Having these negative feelings will break loose sooner or later. Also, it will make you become a black sheep, and that isn't really fun. Being left out and stuff, makes you not like others, and thus gives us peer pressure. This can lead to depression and suicidal thoughts. I think for a person with such person, he/she must find a friend to confide in(especially a trusted friend, so that he/she does not betray you.) and share with them everything and anything, all your thoughts. That way you can let everything out.

  14. If happiness was everlasting, it wouldn't exist.
    If pain was simple, it would leave us.
    If happiness did exist, it wouldn't last ten seconds.
    Joy is a lie.

  15. I feel that all these feelings are all in the mind and that we should try not to think about it or just say that it is only temporary and that it will go away. If this does not work. We should confront them and try to solve them for example for loneliness, instead of just crying and feeling sad, we should just make new friends or call them up

  16. I really think that depression is merely chemical reactions in the human body that make people think and feel a certain way and seriously, people are taking these emotions seriously as everybody has each of their own 'set of rules' and is able distinguish between their definition of 'right and wrong' and be able to sort out their 'feelings'. Like for example when you beloved boyfriend/girlfriend ditches you, naturally you would feel bad and stuff, but really, its stupid to do 'stupid' stuff over such an issue, all that person needs to do is to sort it out himself/herself and just reflect and get over it already. Such resources be put to use more meaningfully on other things and not on such things, if those people really cannot sort it out themselves, and make such a huge fuss, I believe they better off dead and not jeopardize the whole world's progress.

  17. You must emerge from your suffering and depression alone, standing above your wreckage victorious, as a stronger person inside out. If you let a hand pull you out of the pit of depression you yourself created you are doomed to create a deeper pit, with no hand to get you out of your deep shit now.

  18. When I am depressed, I never want to be lonely as I would have to keep all the feelings to myself. I always confide with only the friends I trust, as I trust them. They could comfort me and also share with me how they managed their depression. It makes me feel better that way as I know in my heart that I am not alone. This is one of the reasons why I treasure my friendship with people very dearly. All in all, it is good to keep a positive mind and also share the happiness with others so that no one is left out.