Thursday, February 10, 2011

Extensive Reading 04 Losing It Abu Ubaidah

What can you learn or take away from each of the eight chapters? Please consider information from the spotlight articles associated with the corresponding chapters.
To help you answer the above question, you could:
- pick out one  or more things you think is important to help you be a better person or friend and elaborate on it.
- consider if there was anything to help you cope with losing someone/some people through death, through geographical distance,  etc.  Say why it is helpful.

All the articles tell me about how people are strong even in times of intense difficulties in their lives.  I am truly inspired by these stories and poetry as they mean a lot to me, I believe that people should be aware about how other people live in environments that are unimaginable for a human to live in. " How to be strong emotionally?" "How do I be strong?" are questions I constantly ask myself and I realised after reading the articles that being strong emotionally is actually endurance - Throughout all the pain you suffer, Throughout all the blood you bleed, If you smile, you will make a better day. Also, you become stronger when you face the worst of the worst. I also realised that a lot of people do not have life as easy as I do and they even face death often and they are stronger than me tenfold. Most of the articles end in a better way, so I guess the moral of the chapter is to remain positive and intelligent during bad situations. Kudos to all those who are strong, continue hoping for the best and well, most importantly, be happy! I have a friend who always remained strong even after a devastating incident. If you have a friend who is like that, I learnt that they need you to lend a listening ear and a helping hand and that is all they need to recover. So overall, this chapter was indeed saddening and hurting to read, but it was very meaningful and taught me a lot about different people. 

Thank You
Abu Ubaidah.


  1. Ming Yong needs to qualify why he says this response is pathetic. Just by making a one word remark, the remark doesn't hold.
    Abu you are right in that everyone is entitled to have their own opinions. Even MingYong legitimately has a right to say what he wants to say but he has to qualify it and back it up well. The thing about opinions is that they are just that. They cannot be claimed as facts.

    As for the response to the blog question, I would say that this response has been well thought out in that you have assimilated the general ideas of the chapter and this is what you got out from it. If these are your ideas about life then you indeed have a good coping mechanism with loss. I don't think we can all be hard-hearted to say we won't shed tears or find the tough very hard to deal with, but at the end of the day, if we know what motivates us, what is important to us, we will somehow manage the losses.

    As a response to the blog question, this answer is less systematic as it doesn't talk about what you learn from each article. Each article in the chapter deals with a different kind of loss or how people deal with loss. The idea is for you to draw out the main theme or main lesson from each article.