Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Chapter 6 - What's Happening Out There? (Ronak)

Essay Question

The following are description of three types of teenagers who cope with disastrous or changing world and local events, and they can be natural and human made disasters:

Type A: Teenagers who are affected by the things out there in the world. World, local, natural disasters and human made ones, political changes, issues like religious disharmony, racial prejudice affect them. However, they know and feel that they have power to make a change and will take the opportunity to exercise that power whenever possible. In doing so, they know that they actually help to make small or huge changes to their world.

Type B: Teenagers who tend to take a passive approach even though they feel disheartened by what is going on in the world. They are interested in making a difference but don’t seem to know how or where to begin. They wouldn’t mind getting involved in something that interests them.

Type C: Teenagers who prefer to avoid all these issues that plaque the world and their own countries because they feel powerless to make any difference so do not do anything about them. However, if they were given the chance to pick a cause and get really involved in it, it might actually empower them.

Which type of teenager are you closest to? Support your answer with reasons and examples. Share how you dealt/ deal/would deal with some of the local or/and world issues that could be natural or/and human-made problems.

I am closest to a Type A Teenager because it is very close what my traits are and it resembles closely to me. In times of danger and difficulty I always face it with my right attitude. Not getting too stressed and being calm in any situation is the key that enables your mind to react with a more decent and focused mind against any situation. Having your mind is the first step, but while executing the step going out of plan gives a shock and sense of worry and facing that is the biggest test of your mind. Tranquility solves it all.

My mind is reactant in such a way that is something happens , something bad like bad things around the world. No matter where, it always gives me a shock followed by a thoughtful process. What are the possibilities to avoid this? What do I have to do to protect me and my family? These questions don’t stop buzzing through my mind till I answer them with satisfaction. I have dealt with situations like this before. But in any situation I was in I kept my mind cool, relaxed, calm ready to take any turn or twist that time will take in the next few moments. Due to my relaxed mind, could easily face any situation with a smile on my face and a victorious flashback. I know the basic key to this so I tell the people around me to do the same and gain confidence and courage to support me in my doing. Once again tranquility does it all. I take any opportunities I have right then to be successful in what I main to achieve, as I think I have the limited yet perfect amount of power needed to help, lead and make a difference.

I want people to realise that a small part, a small role can make big difference if it is carried out as intended. I never think small of what I can do. Not like ‘How will my little help give others a difference?. That basically is a negative minded remark. Positive focus and you have everything you need to do perfectly planned with perfection in your mind. Mind is one think that reacts the way different people look at things, the way they look at it and react. If you train your mind to work in an efficient manner anytime, there you have it, a perfectly cooperative and well thought mind. Ready to solve any situation anytime in any environment. So the main thing I have to help me anytime is my presence of tranquility. Lose that and nothing would be able to handle. One thing I have to mainly improve in my way of thinking and reacting to stuff is to be patient. I lose my patience very often and go out of control. That is a waste to a person who has the perfect tranquility and ability to lead. I have to improve these things and I will be able to handle any situation anytime.

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