Monday, May 16, 2011

Article Comments

Article 1: Some feel pace of change is too fast(Prime Page A6)
I feel that the leaving of two past leaders of Singapore has bought different reactions from both the political and public arena.

As two of Singapore's past prime minister have stepped down from their political post, I personally feel that this decision was to be made a long time ago. Yes indeed their experience was needed in parliament to lead the new younger ministers, but a special post should not have been made for them. Just a thought, if these posts were not abolished, and current PM Lee steps down from prime ministership, what would be the new title for current MM Lee? Their experience should be shared on non-political basis.

But from the Straits times repots, the people staying in Tanjong Pagar and Marine Parade continue to stay supportive of these two leaders in their own GRC. Although they have relinquished their posts as Cabinet ministers, they are still MPs.

Indeed the opposition party has made a big commotion about their stepping down to have been made before elections begun, but I feel that their mentorship was needed for the new contestants like Ms Tin Pei Ling and Mr Tan Chuan-Jin, the two most talked about new members of parliament from the PAP party. The leaving of these two power houses in cabinet would affect PM Lee's organization of the Cabinet and furthermore, the lost of two cabinet ministers Mr George Yeo and Ms Lim Hwee Hwa. Other factor's affecting his decision would be the leaving of cabinet ministers Mr S Jayakumar and Mr Lim Boon Heng.

The stepping down of MM Lee and SM Goh would definitely make space for the new cabinet and PM Lee would definitely have more freedom to choose his new cabinet.

Article 2: The rise of woman in Indian politics(Prime page A11)
I believe over the past 11 years into this century, woman have made an impact not only in India, but throughout the rest of the world. I believe when the issue of woman as leaders is raised, names like Michelle Obama the wife of President Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey the richest African American woman in USA, Angela Merkel Chancellor of Germany, Julia Gillard Prime Minister of Australia and many others. Today's topic is about the rise in power of woman in India. People like Ms Mamata Banerjee, Ms J. Jayalalithaa, Ms Mayawati and Ms Sheila Dixit have played important roles in being leaders of parties or chief ministers. The report shows that woman now "rule" close to 1/3 of India. Thats about 400 million!

My view of this is that woman making impacts on India provide a perspective view in the government rather than letting the decisions all be made by men. Taking into perspective the Singapore cabinet, currently the number of woman cabinet ministers is back to zero because of the General Elections that caused Mr George Yeo's team to be "kicked out" of parliament. I believe that woman should have a say in affairs of the world as this world is shared by both genders and getting a woman's perspective is an alternate view as men might sometimes make decisions without the views of woman. Although the world has more men than woman, but it is only by a fraction.

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