Monday, May 16, 2011

In Section (12/5/2011) Bevan Koo

I am going to discuss on two articles on the IN section dated 12 May 2011. The first article I would like to talk about is regarding the
Masked Riders who hog priority seats
Since the start of MRT(Mass Rapid Transport), many Singaporeans and tourists use it to bring them to school, work or places of interest. It is cheap and fast too. Since Singapore is currently facing the aging population problem, there are more senior citizens in the society. This problem led to having more elderly on public transport and requires a seat for their journey. These few years, commuters have taken photo of inconsiderate passengers who would sleep and the elderly would not be given priority to seat. Seats given priority to the elderly and pregnant women would not be given to them as commuters used ways like sleeping and wearing a mask to prevent their seats being taken away.

A closer look at Singapore fashion
Do you see many sloppy dressers in shopping malls nowadays. Sloppy dressing includes slippers and singlets where it is very common these days. This is due to less amount of money that is spend on clothing on average. Singaporean spend an average of $326 on clothing annually compared to countries which spend $400 and above like Taiwan, Japan and Korea. Actually you can get fashionable clothing at good deals when there is the Great Singapore Sale which is coming soon. Another way is E-shopping where you can get clothing at cheaper prices.

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