Monday, May 16, 2011

Newspaper article Brendon Goh

This article is from The Straight Times, Home section, under sports in the paper for 16 of may 2011.

The title of this article is Tampines keep perfect home record.

This piece of news is about Singapore soccer league, also known as S League. It comes right after yesterday night when Tampines Rovers won 3 - 1 against Albirex Niigata. It talks about this match and the events during the match. It also stated that Tampines continue their winning streak at home ground, 4 times so far. The pitch was good despite being used for the elections, and this was because why only 4 matches were played on home ground.

Tampines is now top of the table with 13 matches played, 10 wins, 3 draws and no losses with 33 points, 4 points ahead of the next team, Home United.

I feel that it has been a long time since tampines last won the title, and now it is top of the table, it is on the way to winning it. The standard of soccer in Singapore is getting higher and more and more difficult, especially for Tampines since they lost a number of good players, including Noh Alam Shah, Mystafic Fahrudin and Sutee Suksomkit. However, despite this, Tampines had also gained better players, like Aleksandar Duric. Now that they are doing very well in the S league, I hope they can continue to do so and eventually win the title.

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