Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chan Jia Ler Blog Question Ch3

There are times when family affairs disappoint you. On page 79 ‘Outside the Box’, there are five suggestions on how to handle disappointment. What do you think of each suggestion? If you do not have issues that are family related (include the wider family, adoptive family, guardian), consider other disappointments in your life with other people who are supposedly close to you.

1) I think that taking it easy on yourself is a good idea, as if we do keep blaming ourselves for everything that happens to the family, things will become more miserable. It will also calm yourself down as doing something that makes you feel good about yourself may make you forget about what is making you more and more miserable.
2) I think that finding a more positive way to look at things is also a good idea, as it will make you less miserable and will make you happier and feeling less down
3) Knowing that everyone goes through disappointment is a good idea as well, because it will make you less down and make you feel that you are not alone.

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  1. I will be giving you your feedback on language, structure and ideas via a word/pages document in class next week.