Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chapter 2 Hurting Myself (Chan Jia Ler)

I am very comfortable with myself. If I do have problems however, I will try to calm myself down and consult an adult(e.g. parent, teacher, relative, etc.) before I get overwhelmed and lose control of myself and try to hurt myself.

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  1. Your methods of dealing with issues so as not to hurt yourself are good.

    However, in terms of writing, you need to start expanding your ideas to flesh out the skeleton of what you say. For example, you say you are very comfortable with yourself. You need to explain what you mean by that and what are the things that help you feel that way. Are they things you do, or an attitude you have or because you have strong family support?

    As for your second part of the answer, you could give an example to illustrate your point.

    Have a look at Brendon, Chen Yu or Hao Ming's blog answers. They are better expanded and fleshed out.