Monday, January 24, 2011

Chapter2 Hurting Myself-Abram

How comfortable are you with yourself & how do ensure you do not hurt yourself?
Being comfortable with myself is natural for me. If I do not want to do something, then why do it? I think that the decision is ultimately mine, although whatever consequences there are. Even in choosing options, I could decide not to follow those restricted options. But in the end I choose to as I know that it is only right to. Choosing between right and wrong is obvious. The fact that something is wrong, it should not be chosen. Only when it is right, then I’ll choose which is better. This is how I am comfortable with myself. I ensure I do not hurt myself by simply doing what it right and not what is wrong. By following this, I can ensure I do not hurt myself. Abram

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  1. You only attribute one thing: the ability to choose to the right thing to do as a way to feel comfortable with yourself and also as a method avoid hurting yourself. It is not a bad method but I can see the limitations of it.

    I am just wondering what one may deem right may not always be deemed so in society? For example, there are people of religious faiths/belief systems that strongly believe to take up arms is wrong and Singapore has a policy for all young men to do National Service, as part of it's national defence strategy. They refuse to do their term in NS. As a result, they are charged for AWOL (Absent without leave) and have to serve a jail term & as a result, have a black mark against them. Who is right? From a religious point of view, these young men are right but from the point of view of the government and society, these young men are not responsible and flouted the law. Therefore, I sometimes think not all 'right' things to do is that obvious.

    However if this method makes you happy and keeps you safe for now, it can't be a bad method to use but I suggest you consider other things that make you comfortable in your own skin e.g. have a positive attitude towards your abilities and accept your limitations, support of family and friends that appreciate you for who you are.

    You could also employ other methods to keep yourself mentally and physically safe and healthy. For example, keep fit by playing sports or exercising, have healthy relationships with people who affirm and encourage you, get involved in hobbies or projects that make you happy, uplifted and help you see yourself in a bigger picture in the world around you.