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Chapter 3 Family Affairs Blog Question ( Brendon Goh 07 )

The first point: Take it easy on yourself, especially if you are feeling down. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

I agree with the first point. Do not put too much stress on yourself and you will end up feeling horrible if you do not complete what you need to do. You will be very pressured and will be unable to relax. Everyone needs time off to go and relax, so it is important to go hard on yourself. Know what you can do and what you cannot in a certain amount of time. It Is also not your fault if a family problem is because of your parents, so do not take the blame or feel the pressure. There is nothing much you could do.

Also, do something that makes you feel good. Do something that you would love to do, that will make you happy and it is enjoyable to do. It can be reading a book, to playing sports etc. There are many fun things a person can do and it depends on individual preference. It is best to do something you like the most, and will make you forget the hardships you suffered because of your family.

The second point: No matter what the situation, try and find some sort of positive way to look at it.

The second point is very helpful, when you are experiencing family problems. You will feel sad and sometimes you will think that it is your fault. The truth is that, it is not your fault at all. At all times, try and stay positive, look at the situation from a different angle. For example, if your parents do not understand you at all and you want to be alone, and you end up arguing, you can look at it in a different angle. Your parents are concerned about you and you know that they are caring for you, can you just need to tell them that you need some privacy space. You will feel much better and happier if you turn the problem into something that will benefit you a lot, you will not feel sad anymore and will enjoy yourself. Being positive is very important in life, the moment you feel that something will happen, it will happen, so stay positive.

The third point: Know that everyone goes through disappointment, and the feelings that go along with it will not last forever.

This third point is very important, as sometimes people will feel very jealous of friends and other people around you, as you think they do not go through disappointment, but actually, they do. You may go and ask them how are you feeling but they will say they are fine, because most likely they are too scared to tell you as it might embarrassed themselves or the situation is too personal. On the outside, they might seem normal, but actually, everyone has disappointment, so do not think that you are the only one going through such suffering.

The second part is also important, the fact that the feelings will not last forever. The feelings only come when you are thinking about that situation, or when you are going through it at the moment. To get rid of it, change what you are thinking, think of something you enjoy doing, that will make you very happy and will make you forget all those hurtful feelings. You can also go and do the things that you will enjoy doing, like reading as you will concentrate on the book and will forget the sufferings and feelings, or when playing sports, you concentrate on the game and forget everything else.

The fourth point: Find a healthy way to express your emotions.

A person must find a way to express emotions. If you hide all your emotions, you will feel terrible, as if you would want to explode. As there is a lot of emotions inside you that you do not like, that are hurtful or harmful to other people around you, like your family and your loved ones, you will not express it by shouting at them or saying it to them, as it is rude to do it and it show that you do not respect you family and loved ones.

So, you must find a good and healthy way to express your emotions, you can have a journal, and make it secret and make sure no one sees it. You might want to buy one with a lock so just in case it is found, no one will be able to open it and read its content or write, except you. You can write whatever hurtful and harmful emotions in there, and the other person does not know, you will not hurt their feelings. Another is to type it is a computer, but again, make it secret. You can lock it with passwords, and you can type whatever you want inside.

The fifth and final point: Try and keep things in perspective.

Do some reflection at the end of the day. It can be something you want to thank for, like food, or doing something enjoyable, and why. It could be something that is good or bad. You can also state your feelings, but it would be from that very same day. For example, I want to thank my friend for teaching a maths concept that I do not know. Or I want to thank my parents for bringing me out out to eat a delicious meal at a restaurant. You might want to write it in a journal, type it sown or just think about it.

There are actually many other things you can reflect on, like things you learnt, things you did badly, things that make you angry, things that make you happy, how you solve difficult problems, and many more. Try asking using the 5 W and 1 H, Who, What, When Where, Why and How.

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