Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chapter 3 - Chicken Soup is Tasty! XD LOLROLFMAO By Ray

There are times when family affairs disappoint you. On page 79 ‘Outside the Box’, there are four suggestions on how to handle disappointment. What do you think of each suggestion? If you do not have issues that are family related (include the wider family, adoptive family, guardian), consider other disappointments in your life with other people who are supposedly close to you.

1. Take it easy on yourself, especially if you are feeling down. Do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

If we take things easy and slow and steady in life, we can achieve what we can achieve faster than rushing it through. When we are sad, rushing through everything you do makes the person more stressful and worried. However, if one goes slowly, not only it relieves the stress, but also makes the person feel better and gets the job done quicker too. Most importantly, we have to relax ourselves. Everybody needs to relax, so it is fine for one to have a vacation, play some games etc once in a while to relieve stress. Also, we can obviously do something that that make us feel happy, but of course not by doing bad things. This will make one forget the hardships one suffered. 

2. No matter what the situation, try and find some sort of positive way to look at it.

I feel this statement is not entirely true. When one gets into a bad situation like being bullied or lost or scolded or etc thinking positive only help you relieve stress FOR A WHILE ONLY. I only makes the bad situation forgot as one has been teleported to Lala Land. BUT, on Earth, that person is, let's say, bullied and called names. They will keep going on and on and on and on and on but you still do not do anything but only zip to a land of happiness. One day, the stress would have build up too much such that  even dreaming of Minecraft would not help anymore. So the person would be emo and commit suicide. Alternatively one can instead seek help from an adult like a teacher, guardian, parent, councellor etc to ease the sadness and gain back the happiness and positivity in life. 

3. Know that everyone goes through disappointment, and the feelings that go along with it will not last forever.

Disappointment is a very common thing for Homo Sapiens and if I did not exist in one, you can call him an alien. If it does not exist in the universe, the Earth would have reached its Armageddon long long time ago. Also, we hardly experience it such that when we experience it, we say that we experience more disappointment than happiness but we are experiencing joy right now as you reading this blog post. Moreover, it does not last for like more than a day, so, it is fine and there is no need to jump in front of an approaching car. 

4. Find a healthy way to express your emotions.

PLEASE, express your emotions healthily. DO NOT express it by shouting at your dad, shouting at your mum, shouting at your cat, shouting at your dog, shouting at your Toyota, shouting at yourself etc. We have to express it nicely, like typing out a journal and locking it up of typing it out and password protect it. Not by jumping off a building or cutting oneself. One must express our emotions as if one hides them, one will explode like TNT, which is not beautiful for your family members to see. We cannot vomit what we feel out like choking on a fishball. This will hurt others' feelings. One must like tell a guardian, parent, discipline master etc to share the feelings with. This will make our stress level deflate like a balloon out of air. 

5. Try and keep things in perspective.

One must know his priorities, and not go Facebooking or playing Angry Birds everyday without doing any homework. We must keep track of what we are doing everyday and not get distracted. Like me. I always get distracted. Anyway, we can like use iProcrastinate to keep track of our homework, do some reflection everyday. By the way iProcrastinate is free form the Mac App Store. Look I got sidetracked again. 

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  1. I will be marking this in greater detail for language, structure and ideas in a word/pages document so I will give you your feedback sometime next week when we have classes again.