Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chicken Soup chapter 2 (Bevan Koo)

How comfortable are you with yourself & how do ensure you do not hurt yourself?

I am as comfortable as my home sofa would be:D I do realise that youth nowadays like to fit in so that they would not be left out by their friends. They do not want to be lonely and so they try to copy the 'in' words, styles and activities. These following actions are not necessary as some of them might be against the law/conscious like stealing or vandalizing. In my opinion, we must just act like yourself and not your peers. All of our uniqueness would bring the world to a better future. I am so comfortable that I do not care of the 'in' things and do not follow what peers want me to be. Thinking of these make me very happy as the future would be bright for everyone. If I continue to think like this every day, hour and minute, I can ensure that I do not hurt myself and be a optimistic and happy person.
Bevan Koo

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  1. :) I like the analogy to the home sofa.

    It is rather hard for young people not to feel that they belong to the group. I think one can still fit in without compromising their values and beliefs and I see you as one of those that don't fit in with your classmates or school mates.

    If you want to expand this essay then you could consider questions like: What gave/gives you such confidence to be comfortable in your own skin? Do you think only your own attitude affects your well being? Have you considered the role of family, friends and school and other support groups? etc.