Sunday, January 23, 2011

chapter 2 ( hurting myself ) - Brendon Goh 07

I can ensure that I do not hurt myself by staying healthy and positive. I must be energetic at doing everything, have fun and enjoy doing it. This will prevent myself from going in to depression and end up hurting myself.

If I have too much stress, I will try and handle it one by one. I make a list of things to do, and slowly complete them. I give myself a dateline to do it, usually late. Like I know I can finnish my worksheet in 30 minutes, I give myself 45 minutes to do it. Then, when I finnish, I feel that I am ahead of schedule and will feel happier and much better.

To be happy, I need not to be very fit. All I need is to be energetic and do some enjoyable things, like playing sports, going out with friends. Physically, I am not that fit, but I do not really care about what people say to me about my weight. What I care is the fact that it is going to endanger my health, so I care for my body, but not what my friends tease me. So, you not necessarily have to be fit to be happy. What is most important is to enjoy life at its fullest.

You also do not need to be popular among people. It is difficult to be popular for having good things such as results, so just work as hard as you can, as long as you tried your best. But people want to be popular, became popular for the wrong reasons, like: suffering big injuries, or doing very bad in exams, or even being very mischievous, and will lead to severe punishments. So do not get yourself into such a state with so much problems just because you want to be popular in school.

To deal with pressure, you must first relax. Stay calm at all times, the moment you lose it, its all over. Stay calm, relax yourself for a short while. Do something enjoyable, and once you are ready, in the mood to do work, start doing it. If you are being pressurized by people around you, you have no choice. Life is like this. Always live life to its fullest, so do as much as you can. Everything that a person once you do to by a time is one thing. Complete as much things as possible. Prioritize, do important things with the deadline nearer first. That way, you will be able to complete as many things as possible. If you finnish before the deadline, do not waste time. Take a short break and then proceed on to the next task. At the end of the day, you can look back and see that you have done so much, and you will be proud of yourself for being able to resist all the pressure.

Brendon Goh

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  1. Content and ideas: You have provided a range of good methods to ensure you do not hurt yourself and you seemed to have work out good strategies to deal with pressure and how to stay happy. I particularly like your take of living life to its fullest. Not many people -even adults - even understand the concept or even live it.

    The question 'Are you comfortable with yourself?' was indirectly answered in some of the things you say. E.g. that you think you do not get affected by what your friends say about your weight but that you are active to ensure your physical health. Perhaps you could assign a paragraph to answer the question directly?

    Also I am not sure it is always true that people want to be popular for the wrong reasons. I would think these people who do such things are more like attention seekers and I doubt they are actually popular but more like infamous!

    Writing: You expand your ideas fairly well. Just make sure you check your language. E.g. Spelling errors like 'finnish' or 'Everything a person once you to do...' has a typo. It should be 'wants' not 'once'. I sometimes run through the same problem with spelling and grammar because I rush through my work and forget to do a spelling/language check. If you can do a spell and language check, it will help cut down these sort of errors.