Monday, January 17, 2011

Emotional Basket Case (Akhil Vuputuri)

Nobody should try to hide their feelings as containing the stress will result in a sudden breakdown when the consequences bad. Instead they should do something about it.

For depression, people should do something enjoyable like going to a movie with a friend or going for a peaceful walk in the park.

If the person is feeling lonely, he/she should either talk to a friend and plan to do something fun together or join clubs and societies where they can mingle with others and make new friends.

If there is a heartbreak it is best to write down the experience in a diary so that the tension is relieved or talking to a close friend or adult. Distracting yourself by watching a movie, going for long walks or reading a good book.

If you feel different from your peers, you should remember that everybody is different and that every difference will only make you more special.

I always keep a few friends who are very close to me. They are the ones who support me through thick and thin. When I feel lonely I hang out with them or confide any problems I have, to them. I also read good books or play some computer games when I am feeling depressed to distract myself. I also keep in mind that I am special.

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  1. You mentioned some good strategies to deal with the various issues here.

    You also have healthy ways of dealing with some of these issues. I am glad you have close friends. Keeping in mind that you are special is always a good thing too as you don't lose sight of who you are and if you are special, it's hard for others to tear you down or hurt you that badly that you don't bounce back on your feet.