Monday, January 17, 2011

Emotional Basket Case - (Chapter 1 Tan Hao Ming)

When we really do feel depressed or have any of the feelings mentioned above, I think we should try to look things in another way, especially in the more positive side. For example, if we get depressed, we can think of the wonderful memories we have in life. When we feel different from our peers, we can either see what we we have the same as our peers or find some similarities which you have with other peers. This is how we should deal with these feelings.

Overall, I still think we should not compare ourselves with our peers because everyone of us have different strong and weak points, though some may have the same. I mean, it is fine and okay to be with friends sometimes but we should always try not to advance and progress in our strong points while our peers progress in theirs.

We should always be happy and think about the positive points in our life and not be negative.

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  1. You provided some useful ideas for coping with these difficult issues.How do you personally cope when faced with these issues?

    I don't quite understand what you mean by being okay with friends sometimes but we should not try to do so by advancing or progressing one's strong points while peers progress in theirs.

    What do you think the various issues are? How do you feel about them. For example, what is depression to you? What does it do? Why does it happen.