Monday, January 17, 2011

Emotional basket case Ch 1 (Daniel Tan 20)

I feel that all these feelings are all in the mind and that we should try not to think about it or just say that it is only temporary and that it will go away. If this does not work. We should confront them and try to solve them for example for loneliness, instead of just crying and feeling sad, we should just make new friends or call them up

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  1. Your idea of that all these issues brings negative feelings and that it is all in the mind. Perhaps for some cases, this could be true but I can't be sure that all these feelings can go away eventually if there is not active intervention. I suppose a first reaction is to let things be and let time do the healing. If they don't work then something more proactive needs to be done, e.g. the suggestion for loneliness is to try to take the initiative to make new friends or call them up.

    You haven't answered the question full. You need to talk about the various issues and you also need to share what you do to cope when you face with such problems. You could also expand your answer by saying if your methods work.