Monday, January 17, 2011

The Emotional Basket (Tai Chen Yu 17)

I really think that depression is merely just the result of certain chemical reactions in the human body that make people think and feel a certain way and seriously, people are taking these emotions seriously as everybody has each of their own 'set of rules' and is able distinguish between their definition of 'right and wrong' and be able to sort out their 'feelings'. Like for example when you beloved boyfriend/girlfriend ditches you, naturally you would feel bad and stuff, but really, its stupid to do 'stupid' stuff over such an issue, all that person needs to do is to sort it out himself/herself and just reflect and get over it already. Such resources be put to use more meaningfully on other things and not on such things, if those people really cannot sort it out themselves, and make such a huge fuss, I believe they better off dead and not jeopardize the whole world's progress. If you think this is horrible and not really 'good', this is just the way of life and just get over it. People in third world countries are living much off worse, and are facing real world problems instead of all these 'emotional struggles' people impose onto themselves so really, why bother as all these are just part and parcel of life and are all common in the passage known as life, so all these people should just face it upfront and forget about it already. And about the thing about handling all these stuff, like mentioned above, knowing that many things would lead to feeling depress I would take time to reflect on whatever that has happened and ponder upon myself and ask myself what can be done to alter the situation and find out why am I even feeling depressed in the first. About loneliness, its just a feeling of isolation people experience when they are lonely/ left behind, to solve this problem, the victim should learn to mingle around a little bit more to get to know more friends, as friends are very crucial and add a lot of 'spice' to your life, and definitely you wouldn't be lonely anymore. The same also applies to being different from your friends, get to know them better, and you might find friends with common interests but in the first place we shouldn't even discriminate people in the first place and have them left out on certain stuff/occasions. And finally about putting up front, its the 'ideal' image you want to project to others, in order to hide your weak inner self and not let people invade that 'space' and to not let people see your weaknesses and flaws and that they would think otherwise but however I think that this is totally useless as it is very difficult and tiring to put up such a front and sooner or later people are going to find out that you are just 'faking' it and I really think might as well people just let it all out at once instead of just bottling it up and accumulating this burden on them and just resolve the matter and be just yourself.


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beliefs about these issues. You have given your point of view with reasons and sometimes, give examples to exemplify your points.

    However, I don't agree that people who get too emo (emotional) over some of these issues are better off dead. No one deals with these difficult issues the same way. Someone who gets overwhelmed by an issue should be given a chance to work through it. Not everyone can be strong like you and just move on and accept the experience as part and parcel of life there and then. Some just need more time to get their act together. I can't imagine giving up on any of the students who don't get their act together over any of the difficulties they face or be impatient with students who can't just face the truth to move on. I tend to cut people more slack because different people will react differently to the same situation.

  2. Dear Miss Ng,
    Seriously, even if you give these 'troubled' people more time and space to ponder upon their mistakes, it would even make much difference. Sure, give them 'counseling' and stuff, let their parents trouble and worry about them, have them rot at home and face 'emotional problems' at school. REALLY. snap out of it already. These people should really face up to the problem directly and get out of that shell already! They are not worth the time and effort people that cared for them showered them. Really, these people are better off dead. Clearly, they are too spoiled in this 'caring system' we humans indulge ourselves in that make us weak. Look at all those starving people in Africa or something, obviously we are all better off than them so....WHAT IS THIS WEAKNESSES?? Simply, the nature of human, adaptability backfiring on us

  3. Perhaps, your point of view is less optimistic than mine and perhaps that is why I am still a teacher. I have hope to create a better world out there. Perhaps my effort alone may not mean much but I could just be the tipping point for that one person that hasn't quite got his/her act together yet.

    It is true we are better off than poor starving people and that we should treasure what we all have but there are many people who just haven't understood or get it yet. Perhaps that is why there are programmes we get involve in school and these include projects like service learning so that we experience what it is to be less fortunate and learn to look at issues in a more global perspective and appreciate what we already have in at home, in school and generally, in Singapore.

    If in some area of your life, you happen to falter and don't seem to be able to work things out yet, should you be deemed a 'gone case' and be given up on? Not everyone gets everything right the first time. People need second chances or more especially children and teenagers, but I'm not saying that we cut slack to the point that we molly-cuddle them. Does the school really 'spoil' students? I think not because at least I know in SST, we remind that every choice the student makes has its consequences and some of the effects can be unpleasant.

    At your age, my mother thought I was incorrigible and even once threatened to send me to a girls' home. If people had given up on me and I didn't have a chance to grow up and learn to cope with the difficulties in a more positive way, then I would be one of the people you would have deemed better off dead.