Monday, January 17, 2011

Emotional Basket case Ch1 (Chan Jia Ler 5)

I feel that hiding your feelings, loneliness, depression, etc is like bottling up your emotions which is bad for you, as people can reach their breaking point quickly that way, and be driven to suicide. I think the best way to prevent such issues is by consulting a teacher, parent, or a relative, before it gets too serious.

Chan Jia Ler

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  1. i agree that its important not to bottle up emotions and that is is wise to consult someone who may be in a better position to help you. However, there are some people who feel embarrassed to talk about their situation or they don't seem to trust someone enough to tell them about their difficulties. What then can be done in this situation?

    * Please note. The question was partially answered. The question also asked you to consider the other issues