Monday, January 17, 2011

Emotional basket case Ch 1 (Mikhael 21)

I feel that when you are depressed, you should talk to someone you trust, a teacher, or a relative perhaps. Make sure its someone you can trust. You should not keep your feelings bottled up inside of you as they just build up and you just get more and more depressed. Going out with a friend or a group of friends could help you get your mind of whatever was making you depressed and the time with your friends would also make you feel a little happier. But always think positive and do not let your depression get to you just distract yourself and talk to someone.


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  1. Like many of your classmates, you gave very good suggestions how to cope with the difficulties that result in the various issues. At the end of the day, it does seem that communication with another human is so important for our well-being. It doesn't matter if the person gives us solutions to our problems but as long as there is a listening ear.

    * With regard to the question, you answered only part of it. The question also asked for what you think and feel about each of these difficult issues that teenagers faced. For example. what do you think and feel about loneliness, what are your ideas and beliefs about depression.