Monday, January 17, 2011

Emotional basket case Chapter 1 (Ong Ding Shan)

I feel that you should not bottle up your feelings and instead tell it to a friend who cares and not gossip. Joy is a mentality so is depression. We can defeat depression by thinking positively and getting help from friends. They can relieve the stress. However, they are double-sided too. Do not expect too much from them.

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  1. It is not often easy to find a friend who fits this bill of a caring one and one who doesn't gossip. I hope you have one or more of such friends.

    If joy or depression is a mental state then yes, changing the pattern of thoughts will help. However, depression is now seen as a mental illness because of an imbalance of brain chemicals. Since it is an illness, it should take medical help or at least some form of health therapy to get over depression.

    If one doesn't expect too much from friends then who else can we turn to for help?

    Question also asked you to consider how you deal with some of these issues