Monday, January 17, 2011

Emotional Basket Case ( Chapter 1 - Brendon Goh 07 )

The person feeling depress should find some way to have fun, with family members or friends. Play games and have some quality time bonding together. Have a pet and play with them and take good care of it, and it can be your companion.

For being lonely, they should hang out with friends more often, be less shy and mix around with friends, have fun activities, eat and talk together. If you are not invited to anything, host the event instead and ask friends to come. Or if you know that there is a party or something, request to be invited, ask if you can come. So that you will feel less lonely.

For having heartbreaks, try and forget the bad times and think of some happy times. You must also prepare yourself for the real world, things will not always be good and in favor for you. You must be flexible and be able to adapt to all kinds of situations.

For being different from others, just let it be. You have no choice. True friends will accept you however you look. They may laugh and tease you, but do not pay attention for that. Some of these friends really care for you. Think on the bright side. You are special, unique from your friends. You have things that others don’t. You are better then them.

For having to put up a front, don’t hide your feelings. Find a true friend of family member to talk to them all your problems. Tell them what you are experiencing and share with them your load. They will give you good advice and try to help you and ease your load. Don’t be afraid they will let out a secret, for they will be known as no good friends and cannot be trusted. It does not really matter, as others might also have ways to help you solve your problems.


Brendon Goh

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  1. Your ideas and suggestions for individual issue are good and useful. I also like that you gave reasons why they these methods of coping should be adopted.

    How do you personally cope with these issues? Do you follow your own suggestions?