Tuesday, January 18, 2011


When one feel depressed, lonely, or heartbreaks, being different form my peers or having to put up a front, I will try to think positively and look on the bright side. All these feelings are just part of our own minds and if we try not to think it, it solves everything. Hiding one's feelings is as if they are bottling up one's emotions which is bad for them, as people can reach their breaking point quickly that way, and be driven to suicide. The best way to prevent such issues is by consulting a teacher, parent, or a relative, before it gets too serious.

If one feels depressed, one should relieve this by having fun like playing computer games, board games, GBA games, stabbing-yourself-with-a-knife games or whatever games you like to play or having quality time together with my family members. Also, have a pet to share and express your feelings with.

If one feels lonely, they should mix around and hang out with people more often and try not to be shy and have fun activities, eat and talk with one's new friends, and share their feelings with them. Also, ask to be invited to parties and celebrations to feel less lonely.

If one has heartbreaks, the can relieve their stress by crush a stress ball, forgetting the bad times and think  of good times, or other stuff that makes one feel better, or talk to their dear Macs, or go suicidal, I don't care. As long as one must also prepare yourself for the real world, things will not always be good and in favor for one. If happiness was everlasting, it wouldn't exist.  If pain was simple, it would leave us. One must be flexible and be able to adapt to all kinds of situations.

If one is different from others, it is ok. Everybody is different and that every difference will only make you more special. This is the nature of hemō hūmānus and it is natural. One does not need to fret or freak out when one is being teased as I told before, it is the social norm of the cosmopolitan species.

If one is having to put up a front, then one should not hide his feelings. One should seek help or approach a teacher, parent, friend, cousin, grandparents, guardian, pet dog, cat, frog, whatever and share with them what is bothering you and what one is experiencing now and maybe they can have a solution for you, like make more friends, listen to relaxing music, jump of a building, or jump into an approaching car or something like that.

It is me and my clothes only to trust, rely and believe to get out of the pit of emotional distress and find a greater light within. Although we can have someone to lend a hand, but by doing this we will not be independent and will in contrast, create a bigger pit to climb out of.

After I explained so much, I feel that we should not compare ourselves with our peers because everyone of us Homo Sapiens has both positive and negative points, though some may have the same stuff. Fair enough, it is fine and okay to be with friends sometimes but we should not just plainly focus on our strong points and turn a blind eye on our weak points.

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  1. here were quite a lot of things said and you gave your opinions and suggestions. However, I get a bit confused by you because you can suggest something very rational like one should go seek help or approach someone and share what bothers you. Then you go off on a strange tangent. You say these people may have a solution for your situation but the solutions can even include jumping off a building or jump into the path of an approaching car!

    I agree with you to certain extent that it is important to try to get out of your own problems if you can without help because you become stronger and will prove your independence and the ability to come out of difficult situations. However to say that when we get help from others is to create 'a bigger pit to climb out of' is a claim that I think needs further substantiation. I can counter-argue that by getting help from a professional therapist, I can learn the skills to work through some issues in a way that does not have negative effects. In fact with the help of someone else, I am better at dealing with the difficult issue I face.

    I am not sure where you read or got some of your answers but there are some similar phrases that Ming Yong wrote in his answer like " if happiness is everlasting, it doesn't exists' or this idea of getting help will create a bigger pit to climb out of.