Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Extensive Reading Questions Chapter 2 - Hurting Myself

Blog Question for assessmentHow comfortable are you with yourself & how do ensure you do not hurt yourself?
I will always do my best to control my emotions and actions. I know what is my limit and will try to avoid going beyond that.
Some of the questions you may want to consider when answering your blog question could include:
Do you need to fit in to be happy? No. Having a strong mind with a high self-esteem is enough.
Do you need to be popular? No. Sometimes, all you need is a few good friends.
What keeps you true to yourself and keep you positive about yourself? The fact that I have managed to cross many obstacles in the past, and that I can do the same for those ahead too.
How you deal with pressure to achieve or be the perfect student? I try to know my limits and not to be overachieving and stress out myself too much. Still, sometimes you need to stretch your limits to accomplish certain things, and give it your best.



  1. Thank you for being on task with your reading questions but I actually don't need them posted here in this blog. I only need the answer for the blog question.

  2. I know, Brendon and Hao Ming told me in the morning.

  3. You have very sound ways to deal with life and I can see you won't go hurting yourself intentionally due to stress or emotional issues. I agree that it is important to know oneself so that you know what your limits are. I also think not all stress is bad. Like you say, sometimes you need enough stress to stretch you.

    With regard to your answer to this blog question: the main question is the question you should answer. You should only use the guide questions to help you in completing your essay. At the end of the day, I should see a short essay, not a string of comprehension type answers.