Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Emotional basket case-Joel

When I am depressed, I never want to be alone as I would have to keep all the emotions to myself. I always confide with only the people I trust, so that I can rely on them to cheer me up and not to betray you and make you even more depressed. They could comfort me and also share with me how they managed their depression. It makes me feel better as I know that I am not alone. Also, being left out might lead to suicidal thoughts or doing stuff like slitting wrists.

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  1. I agree that keeping emotions to oneself is sometimes quite a lonely ride. It is way easier if one can get a trusted someone to share the burdens of your life so you can get on with it.

    You seem to think that being left alone and lonely could lead to rather adverse results like having suicidal thoughts or slitting one's wrists. I suspect even with the friends, a depressed person or a person pushed to the point of a break-down can still habour suicidal thoughts or engage in some self inflicting harmful act.

    What about the other issues and how do you deal with them?