Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hurting Myself (Tai Chen Yu 17)

How comfortable are you with yourself & how do ensure you do not hurt yourself?

Personally speaking, I have no qualms or whatsoever displeased with myself, largely

due to my 'huge' ego and me being a possible patient suffering from narcissism,

I love myself too much to think of hating myself or having something against me due

to my appearance/personality. So, simply put, I am perfect comfortable with myself and

really don't bother with hating myself and doing any stupid thing that would not benefit

me. I think I can safely say that I am rather emotionally stable, due to a few reasons,

firstly, I think its a waste of my time and life to bother about people 'affecting' me in

anyway negatively, so rest assured I wouldn't not do stupid stuff because of people,

secondly say a close family member just died or something. I won't waste time crying

at home or something because I personally think that its a total waste of time which I

can do something more constructive like playing sports or sleeping, and really, we are

living the present towards the future, and not the past, in my opinion, I would want to

dump the past and live my life the way I would normally and not let meaningless stuff

bother myself, and the person is already dead, why bother wasting precious time and

resources to 'mourn and respect' the dead by crying for days and night and even to the

extreme like suicide or whatever along the line. We live for the living and not for the

dead, unless you are a total piece of junk, being an imbecile, weak and dumb, wanting

join the dead and stuff, and I would really want to condemn these stupid people but

unfortunately I don't happen to hate myself too much and time stops for no men,

so why do I even care and bother. So if these people really want to die and join the

dead, be my guest, like I even bother, the world needs no idiots and they happen to

belong in Hell, where people that don't deserve to live on Earth burn and die, whatever.

And seriously if that would really happen to me, I would like 'respect and honor' the

dead by like accompanying their 'passage' to wherever for a day or so and no retorting

to any extremes and just get over it. Thirdly, if some girlfriend of mine ditches me in

future, I would not retort to any extremes like committing suicide or something or

like harming the other party because in the end its me that would stand to lose

because if I would harm myself physically if not the heartbreak was not enough and if I

would to harm the other party, its mine beloved who is getting hurt and it would

probably incur even more heartache and on top of that, I would have to go to jail

and get charged or something. So it isn't really worth all that.

And finally, I want to live my life long enough to watch all the fireworks on 21th

December 2012, that would end mankind's pitiful reign of this world, ending the era

of corruption and unjust, once and for all.

P.S. Should I hurt myself for the sake of science or my interests, I would gladly do it,

as its my life and my call to do whatever I want to do but however I happen to be

intellectually aware of not doing possibly fatal stuff.


  1. P.S.S could some kind soul edit the post a little and make the font bigger as its kinda difficult to read it at its current size

  2. what if you parents died? you'll be sleeping away? *touch wood*

  3. You seem to be quite a tough nut, and have a very practical way of dealing with situations like death. It is not the norm for everybody to react the way you do so I can understand why JQ asked his question.

    It took me quite a while to appreciate why some people can appear so 'hard hearted'. They insist on not wasting time mourning away and ensure they don't get oneself in a depressive loop because these people, including you, live for the living and sometimes live for the self. I understand that fully after a great deal of living. However, I am still of the opinion that mourning and feeling a bout of sadness is natural and human. I would be in denial if I could just let a death of someone close to me not affect me. I think there is a place and time for everything. If it is time to mourn then mourn. If it is time to move on, then move on so in a way, I agree that it is pointless and useless to be suicidal and get ourselves so affected that we are of no earthly use.

    Passionate people sometimes die for their passion/ interest but I certainly don't wish that upon you. Remember Steve Irwin, that researcher/scientist/ presenter of interesting animal/nature documentaries? He died while filming swimming with manta rays. He was accidentally stung by one. It was a shock to everyone but I thought he died doing something he loved doing... being with nature and working with what he loved best.