Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blog Question for Chapter 2 of Handout - Hurting Myself (Tan Hao Ming)

How comfortable are you with yourself? How do you ensure that you do not hurt yourself?

For me, I am really comfortable with myself for now and I can get along well with the people around me, my family members, my teachers and my friends, especially my best friends, as I do talk to some of them about my problems I had in school. They do not hesitate to help me when I have such problems and they even encourage me and this has helped me through my learning a lot. For some of the other problems I face, I will usually talk to my family members about them and they also have the same reaction. That makes me feel like I am not being left out by the people around me as they are willing to help me.

I ensure myself from not getting hurt either by myself or the other people around me by trying not to offend anyone by saying things which should not be said or doing thing which should not be done, which will only make them angry, especially my best friends, as they will start to leave me and I will really feel lonely like one of the stories in the first handout or chapter of the storybook. This is same for my family members, except for the fact that they will not leave me but will be offended for a while. I also try to feel confident and daring to do things which I seldom do last time and I will like to change myself into a better person, so that my classmates will not look down on me and stop being friends with me and therefore do not want me in some group works which is supposed to be done in school.

Meanwhile, I will also try to look at the brighter side of things so that I will feel positive towards myself and will feel more confident in doing things, which can not only help me to pursue my goals to become someone different, it can also help me in feeling that I am given a chance to do things. Like, now I do not really feel confident in sharing ideas and my opinions in class, but I will try to feel confident and dare to share ideas, as some of them may be helpful and useful to my classmates.

Do you need to be fit and popular to feel happy?

Yes, I need to be fit in and popular to be happy, but I sometimes depend on the situation. Like, when we really are being left out and that we are not in any group, then I think these people will feel that they want to be fit in and popular to be happy. However, for those people who do have groups almost everytime, then they may think that being fit in and popular in order to be happy is not important, and sometimes they may even not have think about it, because they were so engrossed in their work.

What keeps you true to yourself and keeps you positive to yourself? How do you deal with pressure to achieve or be the perfect student?

For me, determination is one thing which make me feel positive towards myself as determination can help me to persevere in many things, like group works, when we need to think of ideas patiently and for tough challenges, I do not like to give up easily so that I will succeed. Speaking about patience, yes, patience is another thing. It is important to us as we need a lot of it when it comes to schoolwork. I deal with the pressure in school by giving myself some time to revise my work, which I am going to this year, and also clarifying my doubts and trying my best to understand the concepts and topics taught in school.

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  1. Thank you for spending time taking time out to reflect on this topic in detail.

    I think you have built a healthy support system with the friends and loved ones at home.

    I wish more of your peer are as situationally aware as you in speech. There are times to say things and times to hold back. Please take the plunge to try offering ideas and opinions in class. You are right that what you share might be important and useful to everyone.

    It does seem you have thought out what you need to do to ensure you will be able to deal with challenges in life and keep yourself safe and healthy to do so.