Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Introduce Yourself:Bevan Koo-Me:D

I have brown hair:D Very little people have in Asia:S
I am the head councilor in my primary school:D
I was in choir and I helped the school in achieving Gold and Silver for SYF:D
I was crowned the Best boy(vocal, Behavior) in choir but not now for voiceXD
My birth weight was 2.345kg:D
I am severely underweight.
I still have 6-7 milk teeth.
Lady gaga biggest fan:D
Love high elements:D
The happiest person?
Alot more cannot say too much...


  1. Many people have brown hair. I guess you have lighter brown hair.

  2. My grandma had very light brown hair & My mother's hair colour is probably close to your shade. I didn't inherit the light hair coloured genes so I have dark hair like my dad but these days with age catching up, my hair is starting to grey! LOL.

  3. Are your grandparents asian?