Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Introduction (Ronak Mehta)

Hello Miss Ng,

My full name is Ronak Mehta but I prefer being called Ronak/Ron.

Apparently the guy beside me is Mirza.

I Love playing cricket A LOT!!! Its my inner and childhood passion :D
I also love acting as a pass time. I really act as way that people get fooled very easily.
I am a Black Belt in Karate so you know who to call when your in trouble...? :D

I have a weakness for cats and kittens because they are SO cute!
I also mainly love playing games but not any ordinary games....I love playing Xbox Live.
One of my best and coolest games I ADMIRE is Halo reach.


  1. Halo was one of the best first person games I thought.

    I used to watch quite a bit of cricket on television during the summer when I lived in New Zealand but hardly watched it now in Singapore.

  2. Second back up for help when u are in trouble - Ahkil!
    The invincible duo(or rather, good friends) ronak and ahkil!