Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blog Question 05 Abu Ubaidah

Do the five-questions quiz ‘Can you handle being stabbed in the back?’ on page 175. For each answer you have chosen, say why you picked it, and what the expected consequences would be in making that choice and how you might handle those consequences.
Remember to elaborate and expand on your answers where possible. If an explanation or an example is needed to make your answer clearer or illustrate it better, please use it.
I chose B for all the questions and here, I will explain why. I saw that all the "B" answers make a situation less likely to lose your friend while still uprising the matter to a certain extent. I believe that no matter what your friend does, I should still accept him for who he is while telling him the things that bother me. I would usually phrase my opinions in a way that is not too harsh, but I do love giving chances to all my friends. The answer "A"s were too soft, If anyone were like that, They would just follow the wind wherever it carried them. If a friend leaves you willingly, the best medicine is not following them as they will just neglect you. Wait for them as that is better. The "C" answers were a little bit harsh at times, I would rather keep good relationships rather than destroy them. I feel that this quiz sometimes did not have the answers I wanted, as I would usually handle situations differently but it was I found it weird that they were giving us only extreme choices, Choices that would probably affect the relationship in a way or so. Keeping Bonds together, Not tearing them apart is what I believe in.

Abu Ubaidah.

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