Thursday, February 17, 2011

Chapter 5 Blog Question

Well, I realized that after doing the quiz, not all the options given were suitable for me. Maybe because I would react differently or that I would never do such a thing. If I ever were to get confronted with cheating, I would definitely side justice or what I think is right, even if that means hurting myself or someone else, because it’s the truth. I know that the consequences maybe harsh but I have decided to do what is right. However, in a neutral environment, I would chose what seems more favorable to me. If my friend makes friends with someone else, why don’t I make friends with that person too? I am getting another friend! That does benefit me. However, as for the next scenario, I have no idea how it’s like, but here are some of my thoughts. If I were to be betrayed by any of my friends, I would just let it be, because that is how they want it to be. But being challenged by my friends, I will react differently. I would take it as another opportunity to deepen the friendship and do what I am going to do. Another way I would react to betrayal of friends is to tell off my friend when they try to hurt me. I know the consequences of all these actions and reactions and I learnt that these actions and reactions must be the good and right thing, because the good and right are the correct thing to do. 

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