Friday, February 11, 2011

CCChhheeeeeeeeekkkaaaaaaaaaaannn XXXuuuuuuuuupp by Ray

I did the quiz ‘Can you handle being stabbed in the back?’ on page 175 and answered the questions as honestly as I could, given the three answer choices. For every answer, I will endeavor to say why I chose that answer, anticipate the consequences for choosing it as well as how I would handle these consequences.

Ok. Now the first question is what would I do if a slacker peeks at my science test and the invigilator caught us, I would choose C: Convince the teacher that it is that cheater that cheated, give me a retest and show that I can excel the test and shout, "IN YOUR FACE!" to her when I excel. The reason is because to me, I have this vision that is, I do what can, I get what I deserve. So, if I studied super hard for the test, I should get super high marks for it, even if a guy comes and obstructs it. But, the friend wants to cheat, give him the consequences. SO, I really do not care(not really 100%) that if the guy gets suspension, does not get a job, jumps off a building or what, but he got what he is supposed to get. 

The second question asks that if my best friend suddenly finds a new BFF and becomes friends with that guy and sweeps me aside, I would choose C. I will tell the person what I feel and if I cannot brainwash him, I will find a new friend. I do not care whether they are fated to be with each other and be friends with no one else or what, as long as I get my friend, I am happy. People have to understand what other people feel, and not be a selfish freak that only cares what they want and get without minding others. That is the reason why we have 7 billion people on a planet called Earth in the Solar System in the Milky Way in the Local Cluster for in the first place, or else, the population of Homosapiens would be 1 and 1 80 years later, 1000 years later and 1 million years later. 

Question 3 is asking me that if a guy steals "my" girl(to prevent confusions from Foo Ming Yong, Tai Chen Yu, Yu Jin Qian and Tan Siah Wei), I would go and break friendship with that guy. C. The is a saying that goes,n 'One Man stands for himself'. I will only do that during emergencies like fires, earthquakes, sinking ships, etc and many more). I really do not know about all these stuff, ok? I would kindly *AHEM* ask the guy to tell me why is he trying to date the novia española. It's very hard for guys to talk about this stuff unless I have a lovebird, ok? Now FOO MING YONG please don't post my nonsensical comments.

SO the 4th question is that there is a guy that keeps following you and does whatever you do. What would I do? I would do C, thinking that this is natural as we are friends and we should have the same interest. So if he wants to follow, let him. I would have a good competitor and I should not nose why is he following my every move. We should not be kaypohs in life and mind one's own business. Just think positive and think that your friend likes you and what you do and does what you do. OK? Settled.

FINALLY! Question 5 is when you tell your friend secrets, and he tells everybody in the whole world about it, what will I do? I will do A and then C. I mean, I will ignore my friend, and then when he comes and kneels in front of me to say sorry, I will forgive him and rebuild our friendship. However, if he does not come and say sorry, I will heck care him too. So and then I will find a new friend myself. Fullstop. It is up to that guy to confess his wrong and not me to plead him, kneel and bow to him for him just to say sorry. If he does not want to, so be it. Alright? Bye now. 


  1. umm, you have friends? Miracle

  2. Tell me why when I command f my name on this site I see it on this retarded post...

  3. LOL. I read your answers with great amusement. I didn't expect you to post your answers up in this blog site. I only told the relief teacher to make you do the exercise but I suppose there is no harm in you doing so. I got quite tickled by your reasons for your answers but thought you were indeed quite a spitfire to fight for your rights.