Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chapter 3- Family affairs

Someone once asked me, 'why do you insist of seeing things in the negative side?"
I replied, "why do you assume there's a positive side?"

A feeling of helplessness and grief swarms over you. It is like a parasite, invading all your weak methods of dealing with things, the naive words your friends and teachers tell you, it destroys your calm instantly, and leeches the foolish force in your mind that you always thought would protect you from this. This. And then you can only ask,

In truth, there are some things which we cannot change. And I KNOW the books says, 'We can change how we look at it," in reality, we dont get to choose how we look at the matter, the matter gets to choose how we look at it. We don't have control over our emotions and perspective, to lets say, a divorce. We don't choose. We don't choose how it happens, we don't choose why it happens, and we don't choose how we look at it.

The book says, calm yourself. Why does it still assume there's any calm in the sea of chaos you're drowning in? You're choking on your own blood, you're sad over whatever has happened and you lock yourself in your room crying. How long have you cried? An hour? A day? A month?
But eventually, you come out of your room. No longer as a naive fool. You no longer feel sadness, but a new dominant,strong emotion, a destructive tool that will shield you from anything thrown in your way.
And with it...
You will never fall again.


  1. When you see the positive side of everything, You will see the true beauty within. People cry for a reason and most probably to let out their frustration. It is indeed not naive to cry though it is time consuming for some. We get to choose how to look at a matter but the matter primarily chooses how we see it. What the book is trying to say is that we can deter it.

  2. i already said you WILL cry when this kind of things happen. Im not saying its wrong or anything. Unless its crying for puny things like being scolded by your teacher. LEARN TO READ. -.-"

  3. "Naive" in "No longer as a naive fool." It is not naive to cry. Thats what I said :)

  4. The feedback on language, structure and ideas will be given to you on a word/pages document next week in class.