Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blog Question 3 (Akhil Vuputuri)

One of the five suggestions is to take it easy on myself and doing things which makes me feel good. It is important to take it easy on yourself so that you won’t get stressed and get even more depressed. Doing things that make you feel good can be things like watching a movie, going to a friend’s house, going for a walk in the park and forgetting about everything else, etc. Not doing so might lead to poor performance in studies or bad attitude and can even lead to an emotional breakdown which is very difficult to recover from.

Another suggestion is try and find some sort of positive way to look at it. For example, when your parents break apart, you can think that this will make them feel happier and you will have lesser arguments with your parents as there will only be one. This will also make your parents take more care of you so that you will be happy.

The third suggestion is to know that everyone goes through disappointment and the feelings that go along with it won’t last forever. You can do this by talking with a close friends so that they will tell you that they also have problems and some of them can be even worse. This will ensure that you do not feel lonely like a fly in the ointment. Knowing other people’s problems will also teach you how to solve yours. And you should always remember that the feelings won’t last forever and will go away at some point or another.

The fourth suggestion is to find a healthy way to express your emotions. You can do this by writing in your journal, , doing something creative, going for a walk, talking to someone and many more. Talking to someone will ease your pain and writing your journal will also result in the same thing as it will act as a friend. Some people cry it all out and will find that their heart feels lighter. Going for a walk will freshen your mind and doing something creative will stimulate your brain as you will be thinking hard without much stress. This will force the depression out.

The last suggestion given is to try to keep things in perspective. One way to do this is to take the time to write down everything that you are thankful for. his will show you that people do care about you and you are not alone. It can either be big or small.

By doing these things, you will feel good and will be able to take things easy on yourself.


  1. I will be giving you more detailed feedback on a word/pages document on language, structure and ideas sometime in class next week.