Thursday, February 10, 2011

chapter 4 blog question Daniel Tan

Blog question

What can you learn or take away from each of the eight articles? Please consider
information from the spotlight articles associated with the corresponding articles.
To help you answer the above question, you could:
- pick out one or more things you think is important to help you be a better person or
friend and elaborate on it.
- consider if there was anything to help you cope with losing someone/some people
through death, through geographical distance, etc. Say why it is helpful.

answer: Firstly I find that all the articles write about the author finding themselves in a situation where the author faces a strong emotion of either sadness and anger. However all the stories ends up making the author more wiser and lets them have a new perspective of life. Therefore I learn that difficulties and problems that do not kill you really makes you stronger and wiser and teaches you how to deal with them if you face them again.
The first article states the the author was at first terrified when she heard that her father had cancer but later after his death realised that she should focus on the love and optimism of life. She also stated that we should love no day but today. I find this quoto "no day but today" very inspiring and realise that we should start loving our family member no day but today and we should not procrastinate to fulfill our goals in life or we will regret it when we cannot do it anymore.
The second article to me is somewhat similar to the first one. It is about someone who was at first mad about losing his father but has changed her perspective after awhile. She realised that her father had loved her and how much she loved her father. I learnt from this passage that we may get mad on losing a loved one but we should focus on the times when he or she was still alive and the precious moment we spend together with them.
From the third and fourth and eighth passage, I learnt that we should not let life slip away but grab it with both fists, we should cherish life the way it is, whether you find it good or bad, difficult or easy.
From the fifth passage I learnt that we should not make fun and think poorly of those who are less fortunate then us. Instead we should actually be kind and generous to them and everyone.
From the sixth passage, I learnt that we should not dwell on the people around us who have passed on but instead should treasure them and find it a blessing to know them.
From the seventh passage, I learnt that though losing a friend is never easy, but watching them waste their life before your eyes is even harder.

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  1. You had a very good introduction and you seemed to have taken away a lot of learning points from the articles. What happened to your response to the 8th article?