Thursday, February 10, 2011

Losing It Ch 4 (Mikhael 21)

What can you learn or take away from each of the eight articles? Please consider information from the spotlight articles associated with the corresponding article.
To help you answer the above question, you could:
- pick out one or more things you think is important to help you be a better person or friend and elaborate on it.
- consider if there was anything to help you cope with losing someone/some people through death, through geographical distance, etc. Say why it is helpful.

From all of these articles, we learn about other peoples experiences in losing someone or something and how to cope with different kinds of losses.

The first article is about a girl who finds out that her father had a rare cancer and that he had six months to live. Her father still laughed and joked around even though he knew he had little time to live. The girl learns that she should be grateful for each and every day as ones life may be taken away just like that.

The second article is a poem that a 16 year old girl wrote about not being mad at her father for dying, we learn that even though we may be angry at someone for not being there for us, and ignore them as one day the may leave forever.

The third article is written by a girl who, at birth had congestive heart failure. The doctors said that she would die within 24 hours of birth. As soon as she was born, she was rushed to another hospital because there was fluid around her organs. After six years, she received the news that she would need a kidney transplant. When she found out that she would have to postpone her surgery because the possible donor had a kidney stone. But finally on the 30th of August 2001, she got her kidney after the long wait. We can learn that life is precious and that even when we are on the verge of death we should still persevere and never give up.

The fourth article is a poem titled "A Broken Fence" is about this girl who was involved in an accident where she and her friend flew over a hill. She feared for her friends life but the damage was done, even though she was alive. She flet guilty for the accident and feels that it should be her instead.

The fifth article is about a girl who made terrible first judgments about people and made fun of people who were not as well off as her. Then she met Ashley, whose hair was messy and had shoes covered in holes. Then she was given an assignment to write a five page bio about her. When she went to Ashley's house she found out that it was bigger than her own. They got to know each other and when she found out that Ashley's lifetime goal was to start a chain reaction of kindness, she felt like Ashley was directing it at her. After that day they became the best of friends. One day ashley lent her car to her because hers broke down, later that night ashley was mugged and killed. She has blamed her self for Ashley's death ever since. This also shows that life is fragile and can be taken away at any time, by anyone.

The sixth article about a girl who died while hiking all her friends were worried for her. At the funeral, they saw her small whit body in the casket

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  1. Thank you for your response to the question. There are times you provided a summary of the articles and it is actually not necessary & actually not relevant to the blog question e.g. in Article 4. What is important is to pick out the main point of the articles and what you have learnt from each one.

    You also managed to talk about six articles and missed out on the last two. Why did you fizzle out?