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Chapter 5 (Stabbed in the Back) Jonathan 12

05 Extensive Reading Questions for Chapter 5: Stabbed in the Back

  1. Joey’s Pain


Turn to page 146, do the ‘Where do you stand’ quiz.


  • Why should Joey feel ashamed when he came back to school?He felt ashamed that they might tease him about it.
  • The author of the article said ‘ I don’t know whatever happened to him’. What do you think happened to Joey?I think that he was taken for counseling.


  • If you were Maggie Jo Kundla who wrote this article, and you felt so strongly that you have to contact Joey to try say you were sorry, what are the possible things you could you do to find him?
    • I could perhaps find out where he is now by looking on the internet.
  1. Memoirs of a Ganger


- Why do you think people join a clique or group or gang? I think that it is to not feel left out, like there is always someone you talk to or have fun with.


- How long was Jessie in the group before she realized she was really not welcomed and wanted by the rest of the girls? Jesse was in the group for their Freshman and Sophomore year till she realised that they did not want her.

- List three ways in this article that showed that the author of this article, Terry, was a bully or unkind and disrespectful to her peers. When some of her friends were gossiping about her other friends, she did not stop them. And also in the last part of the story she said that she intends to leave back stabbing and double crossing behind, meaning that she had backstabbed and double crossed her friends before.


- Why didn’t Terry leave the clique when she knew it was not a very healthy one? She probably wanted attention, and knowing that being in a clique was an easy way to let people know about you, she did not want to quit.

  1. Hung Out to Dry


- Consider the friends /classmates or people you spend time with. Do you think that they are healthy for you? I think that by saying 'healthy' it means that they will not backstabbed or double cross you in any way, and I trust that none of them will.


  • In your own words, say what you think ‘five finger discounted’ means. I think it means that K.C. had stolen them, therefore using her hand (five finger) and taken them (discounted).
  • Lindsey ‘was speechless’ when her two ‘best friends’ didn’t say a word to help me her out and left the store in the clear. Why was she reacting this way? She was shocked that they did not stand up for her.
  • Although it was her mom who forbade Lindsey to talk to K.C. and Sarah, why would she be ashamed to talk to her two friends even if she could? She was too ashamed that she trusted them.


- What would be some possible warning signs that your friends may not be good for you? If they keep asking you to listen to them or when they ask you to do things against your morals.

  1. Forgiving the Unforgivable


- What would you deem to be one thing that you would never expect a good friend would do to you? I would never expect my friend to 'sabo' me.


  • How was Alison different from Andi? Alison met other friends and became interested in horses, unlike Andi who was interested in boys.


  • Do you think it was acceptable that Alison ‘hooked up’ with Andi’s ex-boy friend? Give reason(s) to support your answer. I think that it is acceptable for the girl, however if the boyfriend had broken up with Andi just to go out with Alison, then it would be wrong. At the same time, it might be good that at least the boyfriend did not continue the relationship with Andi if he did not like her anymore.
  • Andi ‘decided to forgive’ her friend? What are you thoughts about this decision?
    • I think that it is a good decision as they should not let some guy get in between their friendship.
  1. You to Blame


- Do you believe that the first love you’ll ever have would always be the only true love? Give a reason(s) for your answer. It could happen for some people, and might not for others, however i think that less people have their first love as their only love.


  • What were the possible questions or words said before the responses of

1) “I’m not ready for a relationship’ and possibly an answer to the question 'Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend?'

2)“ I’m not feeling for you the same way”?possibly an answer to the question 'I love you'.

  • When ‘something plays like a record in a broken dream’, what does that imply about the thoughts of the person involved? The thoughts of that person must be repeating over and over again.


- What would be some healthy and useful thoughts to help deal with being rejected or dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend or a close friend? Think that there is a reason for them not being in your future anymore :)

  1. Thunder Still Roars


- Do you think it is okay to have pre-marital sex or are you one who advocates sex only after marriage? I think that it is only okay to have sex after marriage.


  • What were the things Madison and her boyfriend used to do together?
    • They hung out, watched movies, or went to parties.
  • What were the signs to show that Madison’s boyfriend had changed his attitude towards her?
    • Some signs were that he just went to his bedroom without saying a word, and that he was 'tired'.
  • Why do you think Madison’s boyfriend dumped her the night after he had sex with her?
    • He was afraid of the responsibilities of being a father.


- Why do you think ‘Thunder Still Roars’ was chosen as the title for this article? I think it was because that there is still something 'roaring' inside Madison.

  1. Standing Short


- Have you been or witnessed someone being humiliated by a teacher? How did you handle it or feel? I think it would feel really bad for that person to be humiliated in front of the whole class.


  • After the humiliation, how did Allyssa deal with the incident initially?
    • She felt embarrassed and insulted.
  • What did Allyssa finally take away from that same incident?
    • She learned that it is not right to make fun of or insult people because of their appearances which might make them lose their confidence.


- What would be one thing you wished your teachers would do better in their treatment of students. Why? I think that some teachers might need to encourage students more, especially if they do badly in a test, as this could bring up their confidence.

- If you had the good fortune of only meeting teachers who treated you well all these years, what would be the one thing you would want your teachers to keep doing? I have met some good teachers and would like them to just continue doing what they do and encouraging students.

Blog Question

Do the five-questions quiz ‘Can you handle being stabbed in the back?’ on page 175. For each answer you have chosen, say why you picked it, and what the expected consequences would be in making that choice and how you might handle those consequences.

Remember to elaborate and expand on your answers where possible. If an explanation or an example is needed to make your answer clearer or illustrate it better, please use it.

Also remember that this is a forty-five to fifty minutes writing exercise. By the fact that you are given this much time to response to the question, your answer should really be more than just five lines.

Also try to write it like an essay question and not treat it like a comprehension short question and answer exercise. You will need to organize your paragraphs by making sure that each new idea is in a new paragraph. If there is too much information, it might be better to use more paragraphs to separate out the information.

You could start with the following introduction or write your own version:

I did the quiz ‘Can you handle being stabbed in the back?’ on page 175 and answered the questions as honestly as I could, given the three answer choices. For every answer, I will endeavor to say why I chose that answer, anticipate the consequences for choosing it as well as how I would handle these consequences.

You could then proceed to answer your questions sequentially. First, by reframing the questions into an answer form before you proceed to give your answer:

For first question that asked me about how I would react when my friend and I were told by my teacher to stay back after class when she thought we were cheating at our science test, I said I would… I tried the quiz and these are my answers :

Question 1 (B)

Question 2 (B)

Question 3 (B)

Question 4 (C)

Question 5 (B)

I chose these answers based on my personality and these would really be what I would do if I were in these situations. These answers tell me that I do not want to make a big deal out of things, which I agree. I know that sometimes I might have to speak up, which I only do if I really have to. This is because I find that there is always the risk of things not working out when you speak up. I believe that if I let it go, it probably will work out as it should be. Maybe if there is a really big problem and I still do not want to speak about it, I would pray about it (I'm a christian) and just wait for it to work out, unless of course there already is a solution. I do agree that sometimes we have to take matters into our own hands but of course we can make mistakes because of our actions. Like in Question 1, if I were to confront my friend about it, then he might backstabbed me even more. Or in Question 4, I really would not want to make it personal as it might affect our relationship, so leaving it as a situation that is not personal and still letting my friend have his/her competitiveness is fine with me. Also, since my friend is competitive, that's just the way he/she is and I should accept a friend just the way he/she is. As long as nothing bad happens to the relationship, I would leave things to unfold for themselves.

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