Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chicken Soup chapter 4 (Bevan Koo)

Question for Blogging
What can you learn or take away from each of the eight articles? Please consider information from the spotlight articles associated with the corresponding chapters.

Losing it? Have you lost someone or something important to you? Let me introduce ways for you to learn from events of losing and how to carry on with your life no matter how sad or tough the situation is.
From the first chapter of the book, I had learnt that everyone in the world would surely encounter a situation when you lose someone important in your life.For example, your friend, family members or neighbour. I know you would feel very sad and miss the person that had happy/exciting memories with you in the past.
If you are feeling down, think about all the happy memories you had for that day. It can be getting first in class for your exam or just a little thing like eating just a scoop of Ben&Jerry ice-cream. If you have any problems, you can consult your friends, parents or which do you think best. Remember, they would be glad to help you.
For the second chapter, it is about no longer being mad. Remember not to keep grudges in your heart, let bygones be bygones and forgive/forget. Losing someone is difficult but you still have to continue walking your path of life and not letting grieve stop you from moving on. Remember to do small things to your loved ones like your friends and family before you regret it.
Remember to cherish every moments you have with your family and friends. If you have lost someone important to your life, talk to someone for example counsellor, family or friends and open up your feelings, it would not make your thoughts so bottled up. Missing someone that has passed on is normal and so you can keep their photos or something that can remind you of them.
For the third chapter, it is about the gift of life. We must not take anything that we see/have for granted as you might regret after losing it. Sometimes after losing it, you would always questioned why did you not do this or that. You would feel regretful about what you did and would cause you to be distracted by it very easily. Remember to think before you act.
For the rest of the chapters, you can use the above main pointers of solution to be a better person and solve your problem when you are a problem where you are losing something or someone important. If you ever encounter your friend having a hard type with a lost of something or someone, ask your parents/teacher whether you can help him or her. If they agree, make your friend feel comfortable and let the person know that you really care.

Bevan Koo

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  1. Thank you for your response. You were doing quite well with the first few chapters but I think you lost steam as you probably felt very repetitive in what you were saying.

    The idea is to pick up the main theme or idea from each article,which shouldn't be too hard. Each article deals with lost from a different aspect, or it deals with a different kind of loss.