Monday, February 7, 2011

Family affairs

Who cares if your parents divorce or something, ITS NOT YOUR PROBLEM. Just live on, and if they really do divorce just go to court and listen to the idiots fight over who has you while ultimately you dont give a crap to it. Just dont care about anything, and you wont be hurt.


  1. Ming Yong,

    I acknowledge that this is your personal opinion on the topic of divorce. However, you have failed to answer the blog question. The question asked you to critique the five suggestions put up to deal with disappointments with family or friends or people close to you. You either agree or disagree with them or perhaps decide to agree to a certain extent and you should be providing solid reasons why you gave those answers. On top of that you should be giving examples to further support your stand.

    Essentially, the blog questions are platforms for English essays and they are not for fun. The aim is for you to write well; write convincingly and argue your point of view with good reasoning skills and with good exemplification. At this rate of your ranting away, I am not at all convinced you are achieving this goal.

    Please pull up your socks and produce better work instead of giving me answers which has nothing to do with the work set out for you. You are an intelligent young man but unfortunately you are a disappointment in that you are not applying yourself to things which will make you stand out in a positive light.

    This is also a forty-fifty minutes writing exercise. Four sentences just does not cut it as an essay which should have been thoughtfully organised. This is what I would call shoddy work that can be done in a minute. Please submit work that is deserving of your calibre.

    Please resubmit this assignment. If it is not attempted properly again, then you will have to sit with me one of these afternoons after school and work on it. This applies to your other piece of work (chapter 3 reading questions)which I have yet to receive.

  2. why? My parents fight everyday and they let it out on me when they're not happy with each other. Do you think im speaking from an impromtu point of view, an arrogant little boy that knows nothing of these insatiable horrors?