Monday, February 7, 2011

Hurting yourself

'I have no idea why i do what i do. It feels good to have cold metal press against my skin as i sit there already dead. The blood drips slowly and i cry silently. No one will understand me except the others who are like me.'

First of all, i wud like to point out that the poem mentioned 'one cut, it wont hurt i swear'
The reason y ppl cut is because they feel pain inside and want to drown out that pain by physical pain. So when cutting it has to be painful or its useless. WHAT IS THE CHICKEN SOUP BOOK DOING
P.S i won't ever go into cutting, its retarded

Blog questions, How will i ensure that i do not resort to cutting?

Im not going to make sure anything. Don't ask me what the future holds because only God knows. But so far, i feel that people who cut are honestly at a wicked dead end and there is nothing else that can relieve them of the excruciating torture they face every wretched day. People tell me. Talk to friends. Listen to music. Get distracted. They're all so simple answers, which in turn also solves nothing. Why must we listen to counsellors when they know nothing about the suffering we're going through? Why must we listen to people, who sit in their chair thinking they're Mrs know-all, when in the crude reality they have no clue on whats killing us from the inside everyday?

If it does make people better, then i don't see any wrong in it. Because, look at it their way, they're standing at the edge having no where else to go, no one to pull them back from the pit of doom, and they either give up or hold their ground to survive, to live to see another wretched day?

'So drop the little razor, and pick up your life, forget all the bad things, the pain and the strife'


  1. Ming Yong,

    I am glad you understand why cutting happens and that you also will not resort to it.

    The 'Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul' book is doing what it is doing: bringing up issues that affect teenagers and discussing ways teenagers deal with stress, pain, disappointments, etc.- what we call the real deal issues. I use it as a platform for discussion of matters that could affect teenagers but also as a starting point for writing and responding to prompt questions.

    You may have thought you have given a credible answer but actually, you have failed again to answer the question set out for this blog fully. The question is available on students' google site, under English and you should be able to find 'Extensive Reading'. The questions for each chapter are posted up.

    I acknowledge that you were on medical leave when we discussed this chapter but you were given the chapter to read and also a print out of the questions to do. Apart from the reading questions, the blog question was also on those printed sheets of paper.

  2. I think that is the point. People who cut or in doing self -destructive acts do not know how else to release tension. No one is disputing that there is no pain or desperate need to sound out the angst and fears or whatever is killing them inside. I don't agree with the if it makes people better so it shouldn't be wrong. Many times people who cut don't get better and keep cutting. How can that be any better? The danger is that sometimes it is one cut too many and a cut too deep and it can be fatal. I had friends who did this cutting to relief tension etc before but maybe we were all fortunate enough that the phase of cutting stopped before real damage could be done to any of them.

    The suggestion of this chapter is basically to get teenagers to think of other more healthy ways of venting out. It's not to stop you from feelings you go through. Those feelings are real so we acknowledge them.

    For your information, all adults go through teenage phases before, so don't assume that we all haven't gone through bad times or frustrating times or worse times than some of the teenagers who talk about cutting. I can say I was in a very dark place before but of course, I lived to be around. I also personally lost an adult friend who went a bit too far and killed herself because yes, she couldn't square with what was killing herself on a daily basis.

    What would you really do if the tables were turned? You find adults who you are close to not being to handle life? They resort to perhaps drinking and slowly 'kill' themselves, their relationships? I suppose you will do nothing because you will claim to a Mr do-not-know it all and leave the loved one alone? Don't we all instinctively try to help people we care for?

    At the end of the day, counsellors are also people who are mothers, sisters, cousins. They are as human as anyone with feelings, hurt, pain. The only difference is they have a calling to try help people professionally. I am personally thankful for some of the counsellors I have met to help straigten my own life so unlike you, I won't go running them down.