Thursday, February 10, 2011

Losing it-Abram

Losing it refers to losing relationships in this context. Through these articles, I have realized the reality of these dreadful things, that they could happen to me. I have learnt some ways to prevent these bad things from happening, one of them being to do things straight away. By doing things straight away, we would reduce the chances of other factors to affect us. This logic also happens when begging someone for something. If we accept the first choice, we would get it. But if we keep on begging, hoping for something better, then we most likely would not get what we wanted. Therefore, I urge everyone to do things A.S.A.P. However, if we do not do things as soon as possible, the consequences are great. I came to realize that we have to live each day as one, by not bringing back the past and by completing what we want to do each day. I learnt that we should not only take each day on, doing what we should do, but treasure each moment, because it is not there forever. I have figured that each human has only a limited amount of time on earth. Whether yours is very limited or slightly less limited, I think that we should treasure each day on earth because we do not have forever to live on earth. And other than our short lives, we also cannot turn back time. There is no way humans living at this part of time to turn back time. We have to treasure every moment. Sometimes, things were just meant to be like that. I know that every human and every big and small thing on this earth is here for a reason. And sometimes, that reason is sometimes to die for someone else, to save that person. So, if someone dies to protect you, you must not think of why that person had to go, but instead think of how that person loved you so much to die for you, even accidentally because he/she was willing. Another reason could be to leave behind a good impression and change people before we go. And that is how we should look at things in life.  One last thing that we must remember, is that there are always people there for us. Especially our loved ones. They may be opposing our every move. Trying to irritate us. Possibly to hurt us. But I know that all they do is because they love us. And, we as humans, must most of all, know that we must not give up.


  1. True indeed, And I like the last part a lot.

  2. This is an honest response to the question and I thank you for your sharing.

    I had actually expected a little more systematic a response in answering. I was hoping to see an introduction of a general response and then what you got from each article because each article deals with a different aspect of loss. Then, after saying eight different things about the various articles, a conclusion to sum things up or to make a point like you did towards the end of your current essay.

    By the way, may I suggest that you use bigger fonts in future for the very reason that your reader here is an aged person. Pity me little ol' me! :)