Thursday, February 10, 2011

04 Extensive Reading Questions for Chapter Four: Losing It(08 Heo Yub)

What can you learn or take away from each of the eight articles? Please consider information from the spotlight articles associated with the corresponding articles.
To help you answer the above question, you could:
- pick out one  or more things you think is important to help you be a better person or friend and elaborate on it.
- consider if there was anything to help you cope with losing someone/some people through death, through geographical distance,  etc.  Say why it is helpful.
The first article is about a girl, who finds out that her father has cancer at age 11. From her experience, we can learn that there is "no day but today" and that there we should take the advantage of everyday that we have as it opens and defines new opportunity to all new moments of choices, advancements and permissions. There is truly no day but today to love, no day but today to accept, no day but today to listen and lastly no day but today to live.
The second article is a poem written by a 16 year old girl, which is about how she is no longer angry at her father for dying. From this, we can learn that although we may be angry for someone not being there for us, we should not be mad at them and reject them as one day they might leave us forever.
The third article is about a girl, who had kidney problems since birth and was finally getting kidney from a donor after years of suffering. From this we can learn that we should always be grateful for the gift of life and that its a gift that should be enjoyed, embraced and cherished because once it's gone it'll never come back.
The fourth article is a poem about a girl who feels guilty for causing an accident and getting her friend seriously and permanently hurt. From this poem, we can learn that we should always be careful and take properly safety precautions as accidents could happen at all times.
The fifth article is about a girl, whose friend was killed. From this article, we can learn that we should always show a little kindness in everything we do as it'll rub off them and and soon there would be a chain of kindness, which would benefit all of us.
The sixth article is about a girl, whose friend drowned and died. From this article, we can learn that we should take life one day at a time and not take anything for granted.
The seventh article is about girl, whose friend had gotten addicted to marijuana. From this, we can learn that sometimes, when we know that our friends are having problems, we should let them find their own solutions to their problems as they might eventually grow dependent on you and not know how to solve their own problems.
THe last article is about a girl, who experienced hurricane Katrina firsthand. From this, we can learn that we should cherish life as it is and be thankful for what we have as one day everything might be gone.

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  1. You have been very organised and systematic in your response to the question. You managed to draw out the main theme / learning point of each article. This is good. However, I am not so sure about your interpretation of the seventh article's learning point. I felt that it was more about how it is sometimes impossible to help a friend if they insist on going down a wrong path. You can try but if they insist on it, you are not responsible for their action(s) and all you can do is perhaps wish them well, pray for them and accept them for who they are. The author had to deal with the loss of a friend who used to be innocent and happy but she now has to accept this loss and accept that her friend has changed and no more the 'star girl' she once knew.