Thursday, February 10, 2011

Losing it

'Arghhh i'm losing it im going crazy'

Wether its losing a five dollar note or the death of your best friend, its all a loss. A loss to yourself, and maybe others.

When you never see it coming the grim scythe of death sweeps down on your closed ones and takes them away from you for eternity. There's no use crying over their graveyard or anything like that because YOUR FRIEND IS GONE. Forever.

Life is a gift to all of us. Its just a timeframe for us to exist in. Life is just the essence of existence, and naturally that essence has to end, by death. It snuffs out the flame of life around you, leaving you alone. But one day it will come for you too, so you can finally leave this world with all your problems and sorrow behind. By death you have found the state of chaos, nothingness and..
True peace.

Sure, you don't want your best friend to die. Who wants that? You had so many memories together, and suddenly, overnight, whosh. Your friend, swept away from this wretched plane on the wings of death to chaos.

There is no way to deal with this. You just break down and cry and cry and cry. But for once, if you would just learn to appreciate and embrace the beauty of death, you'll live like nothing has happened because you KNOW, that it is unstoppable, unavoidable,


  1. Whoa you look at death like it is a beautiful thing. I think that we can't say its a good thing or a bad thing either because we don't know what happens after that. We can't know what lies beyond death without first facing it.

  2. true, i dont know whats after death. But i know how stupid life is now. Who knows? It might be better/worse. But im willing to find out. ^^

  3. Yeah, but live life to the fullest before dying :)

  4. Abu has a point. If you changed your attitude to living life to its fullest, you have got nothing to lose, but if you deem every day is a stupid day to live on, then there is no meaning in life. How is it possible for you to only see the sad, bad and horrible side to life? You must be living a miserable life on a daily basis. What makes you wake up to go to school? What makes you want to be involved in a stunts/dance number in school? You can't say you are totally unmotivated by some pleasant things in life or you don't appreciate some aspects of life?

    Life is never about being one-sided. There will always be good and bad. It is very depressing at times, even for me as a teacher with unfortunate bad health but I try not to wallow in self-pity or keep thinking about the pain. The irony is that it is because of students like you and others that I think it is important to keep carrying on in SST.

    Okay that was an aside to the comments between Abu and you. I will now talk about your response to the question given. As a reponse to the question, you did talk about the idea of loss but in a specific way that you wanted to talk about but it didn't really answer the blog question. The question wants you to take away a lesson from each article. Each article deals with loss in a different way and it is this difference in every article that you need to take note of.