Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chapter 4 - Losing It (Ronak)

What can you learn or take away from each of the eight articles? Please consider information from the spotlight articles associated with the corresponding chapters.

From the time I have read the eight articles, I have realised how short life is if we keep on stressing out, get busy in work, and other stuff. Everyday we live in our life gives us on short day to live but it also depends on how you live it. If you hate life, live it with hatred and depression every second, it's not called life anymore, it's more of a living hell on Earth. The time we have on Earth, what God gave us to live, we have to be thankful of every second we have. On the other side if we live life the fullest like its the last day, you will feel way longer than what you think you have been through. When we live happy, it's true that we feel stronger, courageous and ready to face anything in life.

I have mainly learnt that whatever we have in life is always very limited no matter how much we try to extend it. It's not in our hands. Our fate, destiny is chosen for us and we cannot change it. We have to live everyday of our life and never think that it is not enough. Family, friends, loved ones, never lose them because who knows anything is possible by the day or two which comes up unexpected later on. Then, we start regretting of what we have done to them and what we should have done. Then we will be saying 'only if...' all our life with hatred and despair, no love left for our own selves. If we do not want to live life after what has happened, only regretting then we got to do something now. Saying sorry or appreciating of what they have done for you in life to help you succeed. Live happy with them, laugh, chat, joke around but never lose them. Maybe after they might have gone you would be happy by remembering about the happy moments you have lived with them and might have been happy that their soul is happy and not begging around for merciless afterlife.

To conclude I only want to say that if you do not want to live this 'only if...' situation in life we got to live life at the unexpected and feel everyday is a new day, and anything can happen now, later or will happen to the time soon coming. Time is something which you cannot change. Time is a very big criminal that can never be caught, never be fooled. Once we have passed time, nothing, not even the most powerful device in the universe can 'Undo' the damage and regret already done. So the very important thing I learnt is that life is one thing we cannot undo or return. We can never undo the damage done. Live everyday of your life and never feel closured or limited in something. Break free your boundaries for what has to happen will happen without a warning...

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  1. This is a very good response on the whole to the question. You dug deep into your thoughts to come up with some principles to live life. I think it is very mature of you to come up with some of these ideas.

    It is, however, a less systematic answer to the blog question. Every article in this chapter deals with a different aspect of loss and the task that is required is for you to draw out the main idea/theme from each poem or prose.