Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mirza Chapter 4

Question for Blogging
What can you learn or take away from each of the eight chapters? Please consider information from the spotlight articles associated with the corresponding chapters.
To help you answer the above question, you could:
- pick out one or more things you think is important to help you be a better person or friend and elaborate on it.
consider if there was anything to help you cope with losing someone/some people through death, through geographical distance, etc. Say why it is helpful.

I have learned many things about life from these readings. Firstly, I have learned to "live in the moment" and live life to the fullest. From these readings, I have learned that we have to do the things we aspire to do as fast as possible as we never know what might happen in the future and before we know it,all the things we wanted to do before would not be able to be done because of some hurdle. So when we want to do something and we CAN actually do it,we should just do it.In these articles,there are many references to how short life is and because of that,we should live to the fullest whenever possible.When I look back on my life when I am old, I don't want to say things like "only if" I did those things when I was young,only if I wasn't too scared, and it just goes on and on. Life is short. We all know that but it doesn't matter if we love what we do with the short time we have here.

I have also learned not to take life for granted and to appreciate it. In these articles, there are stories where someone passes away. We should not take life for granted as we do not know what might happen to us,or even someone close to us. Like in one of the stories, the father has cancer and the daughter has to deal with it.In cases like these,no one would know what has happened it just happened unexpectedly.Life is short,and we should NEVER take it for granted no matter what

To conclude,I learned that we should live life to the fullest without regrets of anything. Life is short,but when we use that short time to do something we love to do,its all worth it.

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  1. This is a good and honest response. You tend to answer the question in general which is one way of doing it or it could be used as general observations for an introduction. As an answer to the question posed, it is less systematic. The question asked you to identify what you learnt from each article. Each article deals with a different aspect of loss so what you can pick up from each one is also slightly different. This is what the question actually wants you to do: pick up the main idea of each article.