Monday, May 16, 2011

Abram's 2 Article Readings

  The first article that I read was the 'Masked riders hog priority seats'. From this article, we know that there are people out there apart from not giving up their seats to others who need it, but also go to the extent of wearing masks and other 'indicators' that they think would allow them the right to have the seat. I think that we should have some thoughts for people in need of the seats because I am sure that they, too want the seat as badly as we do. However, they need the seat rather than want, or maybe both. Therefore, we should always give up our seats to those who need it more!

  The second article that I read was the 'More being done to keep kids trim'. This article is about the obese children in Singapore. The article tells us that the Health Promotion Board is taking action to reduce the advertising of less-healthy foods. The reason behind this is that quite a percentage of children in Singapore are obese and the main cause is junk food. I think that from this article, we can understand that junk food is not good for us and as well as the effects it has done to some children. So we should eat less junk food and become a healthier person!

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