Monday, May 16, 2011

Da Awesome Newspaper Article reading (Tai Chen Yu 17)

Firstly, the news about MM Lee and SM Goh's retirement from parliament. These two men were great leaders of Singapore and were the very people that brought us from a 3rd world country that was 'destined' to die and that had no future into the 1st world country we now know. According to the news article, this is a sign that PAP is taking the results from the recent GE and is branding itself with the younger generation. However, I feel that instead of feeling sad for them, we should feel sad for ourselves instead. This because WE are losing two good leaders and in place we get the likes of Tin Pei Ling and several unseasoned and still wet behind the ears ministers to represent us in parliament. So its our lost. Singapore just lost two pioneer fathers that help built up whatever we have today and our taxes that we pay goes into these 'trainees' instead of the seasoned and trailed ministers.

Secondly, the news about Yam Ah Mee, our RO Extraordinate. This man managed to accomplish the almost impossible feat of a robotic face, expression and voice for say 30 minutes? As reported, several netizens almost immediately took the opportunity to do remixes and add several effects into his famed ' Pursuant to Section 49, sub-section 7e, paragraph A of the parliamentary election act....' speech. And instantly our dear Yam found new fame whether desired or not overnight. All I have to say is...LOL

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