Monday, May 16, 2011

Daniel Tan article comments

The first article I read was the "Justin Beiber haters lash out" article. This article is about why Justin Beiber is hated and it also has some fokes about him. I found the jokes amusing but I feel that Justin Beiber is getting too hated. Although I myself is not a fan of Justin Beiber and his bushy-like hair, I feel that we should not do this kind of stuff to him as different people have different likes and dislikes. We should keep out opinions of him in mind and not start spreading it like wildfire especially in the internet.
The second article I read was about the "He's so Yam-my" article. Which is about Mr Yan Ah Mee who is the Returning Officer of the Singapore General Elections 2011 and about his increasing fame over the net due to his funny voice while reading out the results. I feel that although it is good and funny that Mr Yam is getting more famous, I think that he himself should have some privacy.

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